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I was lying on the grass rolling around, the sun shone brightly on my skin. A fox came over to me licking my face, it tickled and I laughed something that I hadn't done in a while. Another fox came over too not wanting to be left out. It rubbed it's head on my neck, its fur was soo soft. I felt happy and loved I rolled over and stood up, only to fall back down. Standing on all fours, I looked over my body, gasping as my tail swished.

I woke up trying to breath and jumping out of bed. I grabbed my pumps and ran down the stairs.

"Where do you think your going!?" Dad voice shouted as he grabbed me pushing me into the kitchen table. Pain shot around my weak body, I wined out in pain. "I'll ask you again Aaliyah, where do you think you are going at this time of night"?

"I need to see"- He didn't let me finish instead kicked me in my ribs.

"Not at 1:00 at night you don't, get back to your room." He order dragging me to me feet.

"Stop this." I whimpered not moving.

But he didn't, he hit me again my back this time, his boot came hard and fast. Then he left me in the hallway, crumpled and broken. Somehow I did eventually manage to get up, and then painfully I ran.   

I probably made my hand even worse knocking his door then pain was unbearable now. Seconds later the door opened reviling a very worried looking face.

"I'm sorry I didn't know where else to come to" I gasped the pain was just too much now to care.

He healed me taking away the marks on my skin, but not the real pain inside my heart. This time I didn't care about taking my top off sitting there while he worked on fixing my ribs, I screamed it hurt my throat still trying to hold the tears that where threatening to come at any moment now.

Then Charoum figured it out, what was going on. I never cried like that before everything came pouring out then. He held like a child, only then I noticed that he wasn't wearing a top; my tears ran down his bare chest like rain drops. I could feel his body tens when I told him about my father.

"That is it Aaliyah you are not going home do you hear me, I have a spare room here. We will collect you things tomorrow, I promise you this, I will do everything I can to protect you" Something about his voice made my heart flutter I wished that it stopped doing that. Then I remember why I wanted to see him.

"There was a reason I came here" I started looking up to meet his eyes. "I keep having this dream it's about two fox's, I recognise there eyes don't understand" That and me being a fox, I wanted to add but didn't he sighed.

"Ok have you ever noticed you are a faster runner? Have animal instincts and will protect any animal from harm" How did he know this? I was shocked I carried on staring waiting for him to carry on.

 "Well it's because you a Shape shifter the animals in your dreams are you parents, Oh the most shocking parents sorry I have to tell you this. You're adopted. Your parents sent you away at birth to protect you. From hunters"

Silence formed around us, neither of us was breathing, both waiting for my reaction. I pulled away from his arms standing by the window; this was getting way out of my comfort zone now.

"You know I can just about cope with you being an angel. I'm just shrugging with the fact that your mine guardian angel." I didn't to believe it too much information at once. "I can't stay with you, but I'll stay tonight."

"You're not going back to that house Aaliyah; I don't care what you say. Kick and scream all you want." He told me not taking no for a answer.

"I hope you got some earplugs then." I opened the bedroom door and clasped not even making the bed in time.

"Stupid Shape shifters Pride." Charoum picked me up and lay me to rest, his hand traced my face. I even felt his hand touch my bracelet running his fingers over the fox pendant. "Your believe me soon, my fiery Vixen."


After a lot of shouting and arguing mostly from my part. I ended up moving into his spear room. I painted it dark purple and had black and sliver bed stuff. He kept playing the piano or making sure there was some kind of music playing when I was in the apartment. I knew that he heard me that day and he knew that I knew. Still I wouldn't give in to his little tricks, I wouldn't even dance. At list when he wasn't there or in the room.

He also insisted on taking me to school the only cool thing about that was riding on his bike. But I made him drop me off a few streets away; I really didn't need the whole school knowing. School was feeling strange at the moment Jenny was hardly with me and Briony anymore. The gossip was her and Ben had hocked up. Josh was also hanging round with us too, but he seemed to be liking Briony although he still flirted with me.

 Some of the teachers also seemed to be acting strangely too. Like they were waiting for something to happen. Not all of them just a few, like the one's who had me for lessons. Charoum also seemed to be waiting for something to happen, the way that he kept looking at me. We didn't speak about what he told me, not unless I asked about it, which I never. I didn't want to believe him, although some things made a lot of sense. 

"Have you done my work Aaliyah?" Mrs Taylor voice boomed over the classroom at me. I looked up from talking to Chloe talking about some party that she was having tonight.

"Yer, it's on your desk." I replied.

"Well where about did you chuck it?" Her voice rising.

"Put your glasses on and you might find it." I said under my breath but of course she heard me.

"Miss Cross how dare you speck to me like that." She snapped.

I stood up angry now. "Look and you find it, then again with the amount of crap you've got on there, I'm not surprised you can't find it".

"That's it, get out of my lesson."

"Gladly Mrs Taylor, miss me won't you." I sarcastically replied picking my bag up.

"Detention room! Make sure you don't go running off school grounds, like last time." Snapping again. I eyed her carefully fury burning more then usual in my body. I looked back at Chloe nodding then slamming the door so hard it was a wonder it was still there.


"What was all of that about then?" Charoum asked handing me the helmet after school.

Putting an innocent face on I replied. "Haven't got a clue what you mean."

"O yes you do. You don't know how many times I have to defend your honour in that staff room." Looking serious at me.

"I can help you with that one." I said smiling.

"Yer what?" He wondered.

"Don't go in there. O' I'm going out tonight be back late." I added sitting on the bike ready for him to drive off, but he didn't.

"No you're not Aaliyah."

I wanted to kick off there and then. It wasn't until we were in his apartment where I really let lose on him. Letting all of my anger out on him it was the first time I ever really shouted and screamed.

"You can't tell me what to do!" I shouted for the tenth time.

"I can Aaliyah and I am, you are not going to that party. You don't know what's going to come after you." Frustrated he ran his hands through his hair, his wings also twitching.

"Ha don't be stupid; I've being going to parties like this all my life! I know what it's like!"

"Yer but you're changing! The shape shifter gene being growing inside of you all of your life." I flinched when he said the word Shape shifter. "You're a rear breed Aaliyah; people will be coming to take you away! You don't understand how valuable your life is." We were face on neither of us backing down.

"You're not my parents, you can't tell me what to do!" I shouted, feeling guilty as soon as I said the words.

"No I may not be your parents, but I am your guardian angel. And it's my job to protect you." I finally turned my back on him, I went to my room slamming my door. I put my music on full blast, slipped my purple strapless dress on, brushing my hair. It was dark now as I opened the window, the tree was close the window. I jumped making it look easy as I climbed down. I smiled and stuck to the shadows as I made my escape.




The End

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