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I tired to keep tabs on her I was getting better at this, she had ran off into the park. I sensed she fell out of a tree, I rode there only to see another student helping her so I stayed away. I felt so ashamed out my out burst. I should have never spoken to like that. I was sent here to look after her protect her not shout at her.


Later on she went home I waited till her bedroom window open, I knew soon she would drop off to sleep on the windowsill. I flew up and picked her up in my arms and lay her down on her bed. I healed the round on her head, hands but I noticed she still in pain. There was a hand print on her arm and a big bruise on her hip.


“This is more then the tree work." I mummed and she fell asleep. I tucked her on, stroked her hair and then I would head off home. That what I did for next week. Teach her, watch over her, heal her wounds tuck her in at night then go home.




I walked out the Staff conference annoyed how dare they think Aaliyah is not good enough to come here of only they knew how hard she tries I sighed running my hands through my hair. This was wrong I had to make it up to her.


I walked up to the old dance studio I knew she would be. I walked in I heard the most heart moving songs.


'Do you wanna run away together?'
I would say it was your best line ever.
Too bad I fell for it...
And I walked along,
Waiting for you to come along.
Take my tortured heart by the hand.
And write me off


The voice was angelic, smooth to listen to, but I could feel the pain behind it who ever sang this song meant it with all her heart.

Do you know I cry?
Do you know I die?
Do you know I cry?
And it's not the good kind...
You forced me to become strong.
And I just cried, being weak.
And you think you know.
And I would like to think so,
But do you know that when you go,
I fall apart.
Do you know I cry?
Do you know I die?
Do you know I cry?


I walked into the ballet practise room and got the shock of my life, the girl singing was the beauty it was Aaliyah but there something wrong with her. Not the singing the sing was amazing but her dancing. The I nocied it the Huge purple and black monstrosity in the middle of her stomach, there was more the same Bruised hand mark on her arm.


Its when she noticed me in the door way her eyes went wide, she ran got a jumber and slipped it on glaring at me. “How dare you come here” She hissed at me.


“ I came to say sorry the way I spoke to you last weak was not acceptable, I also came schools planning to kick you out. I almost lost my job saving your skin in there” I said softly. She looked slightly relieved.


I walked over to her and she stepped back. “ I only want to help I wont hurt you, what a gaurdain angel for if you don't let me heal you wounds” I put my hand on her stomach, it lit up healing her bruise.


She sighed “God thank you that really hurt” She said smiling lightly.


“Gonna tell me who did it?” I questioned her, He body stiffened and looked away.


“I fell over I'm clumsy” she stated I rolled my eyes.


“Yeah and pigs fly you dong get bruises like that from falling”


“I have to go” With that she left running away yet again. I grumbled to my-self this girls was nothing but a pain.



I was in bed when I head a banging on the door I groaned, who could be here at this time. I jumped up and walked to the door ruffling my hair. Just wearing jogging bottoms tops irritated my wings. I opened the door. Too see a very pale Aaliyah holding onto the door frame for support.


“Im sorry I didnt know where else to come to” She gasped out in pain. With in second I whisked up and lay her on the sofa she cried out in pain. I sat her up I whisked her top off. To see a bruising foot print on her back. I growled.


I heeled her back, the lay her down all her stomach was bruised again. I applied pressure I heard a click and she screamed out in pain. Three broken ribs. I mended and put her top back on. She leaned in the sofa and sighed.


“Thank you” she said in between panting . I sat on the coffee table in font of her.


“There is something your hiding from Aaliyah, you better start talking. Every time I see you, you are covered in bruises. But they only happen when you are at home”


She broke down into tears. It was the first time I had ever seen her cry I was shocked but picked her up in my arms. And hushed her until she calmed slightly.


“My mum went away with work, and I was left with my brother and Farther. He started drinking more. The he starts taking his anger out on me. I wont understand why” She sobbed I growled loud. I would not let him touch her again.


“That is it Aaliyah you are not going home do you hear me, I have a spare room here” I said sternly “We will collect you things tomorrow I promise you this I will do everything I can to protect you”


She nodded, I had never seen her so broken down, wait till I get hold of him. I smirked all the things I could to him for touching My Aaliyah.

“There was a reason I came here” she said looking up from sitting on my lap “I keep having this dream its about two fox's I recognise there eyes don't understand” the confusion was in her eyes I sighed now was the best time.


“Ok have you ever noticed you are a faster runner ? Have animal instincts and will protect any animal from harm” I said she looked up at me stunned “Well its because you a Shape shifter the animals in your dreams are you parents, Oh the most shocking parents sorry I have to tell you this. Your Adopted. Your parents sent you away at birth to protect you. From hunters”

The End

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