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My hand sung like hell as I ran down the corridors, I didn't even notice Josh until I went flying into him.

"Aaliyah? Sorry I didn't see you." He apologizes helping me up.

"My fault I was running in blind fury. Thanks." I replied.

"What's up?"

"One word, no two really...Mr Angelino." Putting venom into my words.

"Mr Angelino wow that man a god."

"You're really not cheering me up." I stared to walk away but Josh kept pace with me.

"Wanna get out of here?" He suddenly asked me, I stopped walking. "Got a free afternoon, was thinking of going to the park, chilling you know."

This sounded like the perfect get away after everything that had just happened I needed to get out.

"Mr Finders work due...O' whatever another day won't kill him." Feeling slightly guilty, but no way was I giving up on the chance to escape school. "Got a car?" He smiled and took his keys out of his jeans pocket.


Josh was someone who I really got on with, his bronze hair shone brighter due to the sunlight in the park. We both ended up buying something to eat and sitting under a hug tree. We were there all afternoon and it wasn't until later when the scene before us changed.  

"Hey look at those kids by the pond." I followed his brown eyes and saw what he was on about. Three boys who looked about 14 were chasing ducks into the pond. Hot fury and anger suddenly shot through my body, I stood up watching the boys with deadly Jade green eyes. After they'd finished with the ducks, they moved on to something else. A badger. It was injured and trying to limp into the brushes. Only the boys were blocking it way, one of them picked up a stick and poked it.       

They laughed and I ran just as one of them went kick it. I grabbed his bare neck jerking him backwards falling.


"Leave that badger alone." I told them my anger slipping into my voice.

 "Who are you the badger police?" One of them joked they snickered in response. The one who made the comment wasn't laughing for long, my hand slapped him across the face, leaving a nasty mark.

"I tell you once and only once. If you ever touch that badger or hurt any creature like that again." Looking at all of them in turn. "It will be the last move you ever make."

"Got it?" I asked still feeling the fury and anger in my body. They all nodded and ran off.

"Care to explain what that was about?" Josh gasped out when I went back over to the tree, after seeing the badger off ok. It was strange the way it looked at me before going, it was just strange very strange.

"Erm, well." I couldn't think about what to say, instead I looked up to the tree, trying to distract him. "Hey bet ya I can reach the top before you can."

"Not a chance Ali." Confidence in his voice typical of males taking on any challenge.

"What afraid to take on a girl? Afraid I'll beat ya or are you just scared?" I taunted him.

"Fine, you want me to help you up?" Grinning his face off. I started to climb and saw that Josh wasn't far behind me. I was surprised at how easy I was finding it to climb, it helped that I had long legs. My outfit was just black tight trackies and a white vest. I was still in my dance clothes forgetting to get change after I stormed out of school.

"Hey don't look down Aaliyah." Josh sounding out of breath gasped. Of course I did look down and gasped seeing how far we climbed. My hand tightened on the branch and my legs locked.

"Are you ok?" Josh asked climbing next to me.

"Ffff. Fine I erm think I'll head down now." How I was going to get down was the real question.

"What are you sure your ok?"

"I'm grounded dad's going to kill me as it is." I started to climb down, going a few branches down, until I slipped and fell. I banged into branches and leaves then finally I landed hard on the grass.

I blinked open my eyes which was hard feeling dizzy. I got up thankful not to have broken anything. Moments later I heard Josh frantic voice. "Aaliyah are you ok, O'my god Ali are you hurt?" He voice rang loud in my banging head.

"Josh just shh."

"Sorry, I'll take you to the hospital."

"No, can you give me a lift home"?


"Fine I'll walk." I snapped walking off.

I was amazed that I actually made it home without falling, my head hurt I could feel a mark on the side of my head. My hands were all scrapped and cut; I could even feel blood coming down my leg. Great.

As got closer I noticed the garage door open and dad's car parked. Double Great. Could this get any worse? I opened the door seeing my answer in my dad's face. O'yes a lot worse.   

"You're grounded young lady." He started. "You should have been back hours ago and what have you being doing"?

I just stood there noticing also that mum wasn't here; I could hear Michel in the living room, watching some car program.

"How was school by the way?" His voice changing voice.

"Fine." I replied dodging his glaze but still feeling his blue eyes on my back.

"And the afternoon?" I started to walk up the stairs when his hand grabbed the top of my arm. "You wouldn't lie to me now would you? To your own father?"

"Let go of my arm."

"Tell me where the hell you were young lady, you look a mess." He replied his voice in a deadly quite.

"I don't have to tell you anything." Soon as I said the word his grip tightened making me gasp out.

"Let's try that again."

"Ppark." I whispered.

"You're meant to be at school, how do you think your going to pass your exams, huh if you lounging around in the park?"

In a different situation I would snapped back saying ‘I'm more ahead then the teachers, as if you know'. But with his hand stopping my blood circulation in my arm and the way he was looking at me. I kept my mouth shut.

"Dad can you just come and help me a minute, I still can't get this question." The first time in my life, I never felt soo happy to hear my brother's voice.

"Sure son anything for you." Dad voice changing in Mr Nice guy, Mr Best Dad of the year.

"Don't tell anyone about this." He pushed up the stairs making me fall; my hip smacked the wooden steps. "If you step out of line, there be hell to pay young lady."

I scrambled up the stairs and went in the bathroom locking the door. I only just manage to hold back the tears when I was in the shower. My leg was bleeding a small cut above my knee, my head was still banging a cut was also bleeding.You could also see my Dad hand mark, red lines on my upper right arm. My right hip however seemed a whole lot worse, purple bruising was forming in a roundish line where I caught the wooden steps.

I went into my room lying on my bed and did my school work. After a while I got up switching the light off, my hair was back to its normal fiery orange silky self. I put on my PJ's silk blue vest and shorts, looking in my mirror I could see where my top lifted, showing my right hip. I sighed still holding the tears back.

I went over to my window sit, my window already open. The moonlight shone in my room, stiletto in the window I thought to myself. My eyes were closing which wasn't good. Foxes kept appearing, always the same two, looking at me with those eyes. They looked familiar to me, like a distanced memory...

I could feel myself moving further away from the wall that I was resting on. Then something warm surrounded my body, moving me away and lying me down. Then I felt warmer on my hands and head.

"This is more then the tree work." Then my right side of my body went warmer, I was too far gone to work out the voice. The two foxes were waiting for me as I went into blackout.





The End

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