Wrapped in thornsMature


I watched her sleep she looked innocent her act of being strong crumbles away and all that is left is a sweet innocent girl who doesn't understand who she really is. She was tossing and turning in her sleep mumbling about Fox's

I decided to leave her in her slumber, I needed to relax. I sat down at the piano and began to play. I was thinking of my little Rose as I spinning her round in my arms. Her golden curls surrounding her childlike face. Her scarlet eyes shining with joy and love for her big brother. How I longed that people would accept us for who we were and not what we looked it like. I wonder how my parents were treating her.

As soon I was back I was going to take her away with me, she could live with me. She didn't deserved to laughed at and made fun. We were the tainted Angels. People say to my Mother hows sorry they were to be cursed with us.

I thought about Aaliyah I hope she was ok, he was beaten pretty badly. The right there when I hit those guys. I felt good to relive my anger. I couldn't to hurt them more. Until they cried out for mercy but I didn't not because I couldn't but Aaliyah and she was badly bleeding she needed my help.

I suddenly felt her presence I stopped playing, she was stood in the door frame her eyes closed as she was listening to me play."You should be resting Aaliyah." I said softly. She look startled at me finally noticing her standing there."Sorry."

"I'm fine, erm I'll be going." she said looking towards the front door.

I rushed trying to think what to say "Aaliyah don't ever just...just"- but she cut me off.

"What? Stop no I don't I can't allow my self to relax. I'm always doing something, work, school, dance, sin... I mean erm." She began playing with her hair nervously.

I couldn't believe what she said, I thought I would a little further and what I could find more about her. "School, I heard that you barely do anything in the lessons, but when it comes to assessments and test, your like top of the class"?

"I'm a secret geek. People don't really know me. It's all a show, I find out what I'm going to be learning then study like hell. I love my job, I can read all the books that I need for class. I'm careful when I read them."

I sat I propped my head up on my hand interested with what she was saying.

"I do extra dance on my own, but really I'm studying, doing school work. I can't do it at home. And no-one knows." She was glared at me. "And that's how it's staying Mr Angelino." Glaring at him with my Jade green eyes.

"Call me Charoum, not at school though, cuz well I'm am your music teacher." I said trying to change what we were talking about.

"What's with the sad music?" She asked walking towards my wings twitched with her catching me off guard yet again., again catching him off guard. "I can just tell." she shrugged as it was nothing.

I racked my brain to find for an excuse this was none of her business but I didn't was to argue with her."Elaborate." I said looking away.

"Well your body position for one thing, lost in the music, I saw how lost and longing your faced looked, even from the side. Then just the music it self, to me it's like your looking for something, or someone. Like your missing something, your eyes were also closed. Meaning that maybe you can picture them." I looked at her shocked. How could she know this

"Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude. But I can feel sadness, unloved and anger even when you played. I couldn't work it out." She closed her eyes I stepped in front of her.

"How could you know that?" I was utterly confused.

"I just know a little about it. I si-dance, I'm sorry." She opened her eyes I searched her eyes to see why she knew. I saw pain, understanding, longing.

"Why don't you say stuff like that in my class or any in fact? Instead of kicking off?" She shrugged I guessed she didn't want people know.

"I'm late for school, English first Mrs Taylor." She rushed to the door leaving me standing watching her leave. I sighed running my hands threw my hair in frustration this girl was confusing.

I hurried and dressed. In a suit and tie. I left the house following her to school. She didn't recognise me. I wanted to her to enter to Dance studio. I heard the music play. I watched her dance. She was Elegant but strong. Free but controlled. She was brilliant.

She saw me and stopped “What do you want” She hissed.

I walked up to her “How the hell did you know about my music no-one knows why I play and you guessed in an instant how you shouldn't know” I demanded My anger growing. He glared me and stalked towards me.

“Who do you think you are talking to me like that just because I guessed that the perfect Angel Isn't happy what happened did you snap a Feather” She hissed at me. I lost it then I picked her up and pinned to a wall so her face was Level with mine.

“Perfect, Yo think my Life is Perfect let me tell you this. My Parents abandoned me because of the fact my hair and wings are black and eyes are Red. People are scared of me they think I'm cursed. MY sister and I are out cast no-one will look at us never mind talk to us. Unless they want to Provoke someone. You think my life is perfect, You know Nothing about being different” I growled at her shocked face.

“God I'm here on Earth Protecting you when I should be up there, helping my little sister who will be locked in a room by her self because my Parents are ashamed to admit she there daughter” I screamed now.

She kicked me and I let go of her “Don't you dare EVER touch me like that” She slapped me and walked out of the room. I fell to my knees and sighed. Hoping that my little rose was safe from harms way.

The End

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