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In theory I should be the luckiest female student in on the planet right about now. The hot music teacher (as people keep referring him as), coming to my reuse, taking care of my wounds and then taking his own shirt off. In a different situation, I would have pushed him down to the kitchen titles there and then. His body was something else; I could feel my face going red.   

He turned round showing off those hug blacker then night feathered wings. "We're real".

I slowly stepped forward daring to touch his feathers, he flapped them and I could see them move against his back. I moved closer a touched his black feathers, they were soft as velvet, I gasped bring my hand back down.

"This cant be real it just doesn't happen" Trying to work out the logic behind this. Suddenly Mr Angelino turned round so fast I didn't have time to blink, then I was in his arms, and we jumped out the window. I gasped being soo close next to his bare chest, me in his white shirt and mini skirt. Also the fact that we were flying!

 "I can control nature look." He said whiles flying he lifted on hand from under my leg, my grip on him tightened; I wasn't too sure about this. Then I saw orange and yellow flames in the air, naming flames. After his little trick my eyes began hurt, everything came rushing to me then. School, Ben's, attack and now this! I felt my body flop even more then my eyes closed.


I was standing in the dance studio at school, not many students came to this room, due to the fact that it was old and the lighting was bad. But it was my favourite place in the world. The mirrors were cracked only one was untouched. I was standing in front of it staring back at my self; two figures came up behind me. I spurn round fast, seeing my mum and dad, they didn't see me, too busy looking into the distance.

"Mum Dad what are you doing here?" I asked looking puzzled they turned to each other. "Hey Mum Dad, I'm talking to you, it's me Aaliyah. Hello?" I waved my hand in front of them, but nothing, like I was a ghost. When I looked back into the mirror I gasped seeing what was in the reflexion.

My Mum and Dad were stood side by side, like they were now, but instead of me waving like an idiotic. My brother Michal was stood in front of them. I could hear a quite sound, like light growling or something. I looked back to the mirror there faces changed, looking worried.

"What is it, what's wrong?" I asked. The snap of teeth made me turn back round, stepping back two foxes stood before me. Normally I would of run or called for help. But something was telling me not to. Strangely my left hand went to my right hand, where my bracelet was, with the foxes symbol was. There was something in their eyes, one of them took a nervous step forward swishing it tail. My hand also naturally went to my hair feeling nervous myself. Although I knew that the foxes wouldn't hurt me, I was sure of that.

I bent down and stretched  my hand out towards it, showing that I wasn't a threat. The fox came nearer, it's wet nose touched the pendant if the fox bracelet  and then move it head, pointing to the other fox. It repeated this a number of times, I couldn't work out what it was trying to tell me.

"I don't know what your trying to do, I'm sorry. I can't even tell you how I came to have it." The other fox yelped making me jump, high...


"Ouch! My head." I groaned sitting up in bed rubbing my head. "Stupid headboard. Wait headboard?" I blinked a few times then remembering where I was. Mr Angelino apartment. Then yesterday events hit me like a slap in the face. O'my god it couldn't of happened, he can't be a...a...Angel...My Guardian Angel.

"Oooo I really need to go back to sleep." My head hurt I close my eyes, but all I could see where foxes. Then I could hear music, soft and mellow. I couldn't help but follow the music; it was like my feet were cursed to dance to the music. Just like my voice was itching to sing.

And there he was lost in the music, too oblivious to me standing there watching him. It changed sounding more, longing and wanting for something else. It was sad even I could tell that, I knew that sort of music anywhere. I dance to that type of music, on my own of course.

"You should be resting Aaliyah." His voice caught me by surprise and I startled seeing him looking at me. "Sorry."

"I'm fine, erm I'll be going." But I didn't move from the door, except I was trying to work why he was playing sad songs.

"Aaliyah don't ever just...just"-

"What? Stop no I don't I can't allow my self to relax. I'm always doing something, work, school, dance, sin... I mean erm." O' great please, please, don't call be up on that. I didn't dare look at him; I played with my hair feeling nervous.

Instead he surprises me by saying. "School, I heard that you barely do anything in the lessons, but when it comes to assessments and test, your like top of the class"?

This was a secret but I didn't mind telling him this one. "I'm a secret geek. People don't really know me. It's all a show, I find out what I'm going to be learning then study like hell. I love my job, I can read all the books that I need for class. I'm careful when I read them."

He sat and listened not butting in once.

"I do extra dance on my own, but really I'm studying, doing school work. I can't do it at home. And no-one knows." I harder my face my voice warning him now. "And that's how it's staying Mr Angelino." Glaring at him with my Jade green eyes.

"Call me Charoum, not at school though, cuz well I'm am your music teacher." He said changing the subject, but still looking me over.

"What's with the sad music?" I randomly said going over to him, his wing twitched in response, again catching him off guard. "I can just tell." I shrugged.

"Elaborate." He said simply.

"Well your body position for one thing, lost in the music, I saw how lost and longing your faced looked, even from the side. Then just the music it self, to me it's like your looking for something, or someone. Like your missing something, your eyes were also closed. Meaning that maybe you can picture them."

"Sorry, I don't mean to sound rude. But I can feel sadness, unloved and anger even when you played. I couldn't work it out." I closed my eyes. Then I felt him stand in front of me.

"How could you know that?" His voice quite asked, puzzled and confused.

"I just know a little about it. I si-dance, I'm sorry." When I opened my eyes again he was still looking at me. Trying to work me out why I would say something like that.

"Why don't you say stuff like that in my class or any in fact? Instead of kicking off?" I just shrugged not wanting to answer him. Although I had the answer, I didn't want people to know that I was like this.

"I'm late for school, English first Mrs Taylor." I left him there standing by his piano, closing the door behind me.  







The End

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