Too close, to the Angel of DeathMature


I was on my Motor bike Riding round, I was mentally keeping track of her. It was one of the most hardest things I have ever done. I could do it but kept losing her every so often. She was of some boys house. No wait she's gone. She's walking back through the park. There are some guys. I swerved in the middle of road and went straight to her fast as I could.


She was being attacked my them I could sense her fear, angel and Pain. Anger was soaring threw my Body I had never felt this before. Human emotions were new to me. I didn't feel them as strong in heaven.


I zoomed in to the park. I saw her curled up on the floor being kicked and one guy was doing things that would want a saint want to kill him. I walked up to them speaking gravely.


That's no way to treat a lady." hey all turned to look at me.

"You've seen nothing, get out of here before my boy's teach you a lesson." The guy next her took his hands from her top and covered her mouth

"O' I've seen enough and believe me Sir, I'll be the one teaching you and your boy's a lesson. Get away from the girl." my voice was deadly cold .

Two of them stood up and walked towards me. One Went to hit me I ducked and booted him in the stomach. The other came with a knife He went to stab me. I used the wind and turned the knife on him self The guy came running at me I punched in the Face The both collapsed to the floor.

"Last chance, you've seen some of what I can do. Now are you going to let her go, or take your very weak chances with me" I asked coldly smirking slightly. The last guy ran away leaving his Pals for death.

Aaliyah lay curled up in a ball looking terrified"God, Aaliyah it's ok." I tried to comfort her "Aaliyah its Char-Mr Angelino."

I crouched down next to her as she opened her eyes she coughed a few times. "It's ruddd-rude to...spy...on people." I tried to hold back a smile as glared at me. She tried to get up I tried to help but she flinched away.

"I'm ok, just leave me alone."She snapped I was taken a back, Even when she's nearly dying she refuses my help

"Let me help you, your hurt pretty bad. You can't go back to your parents like that." I said softly.

"Back off. You know nothing about me and my parents." she snapped again defensibly. From feeling worried and guilty to anger and frustration, I felt my wings twitch in frustration. She started to walk away slowly. “stupid Shape shifters Pride” I said under my breath.

"God Aaliyah you know nothing of the world that you live in, let alone what you are." I shouted

she spun back to face me, she swayed slightly. "You're coming back with me Aaliyah, you won't admit it but you need my help." She just stared at me, she looked at me in way that made my heart flutter.

"No I'm not, you can't make me." She looked away, I smirked.

"Really?" I amused then with out warning I picked her up and placed her I front of me on the my Motor bike, handing her a black helmet. "O' you can thank me later by the way." I said before setting off.


She sat on the sofa as I was dabbing her wounds on her face with a Wet cloth, she had her hand on my shoulder griping on my shirt. Her nails were sticking in me I avoided wincing just concentrate on her sounds. She closed her eyes. I took this chance and healed the sounds on her face.

I said softly I'm sorry Aaliyah but you need to take your top off so I can see you wounds” She glowed in disapproval."It's ok, I have to check the bleeding, you can use one of my shirts."

She hissed slightly. But slowly took her top off. I tried hard not to stare at her body. Her skin was like a creamy silk shook my head. I looked at her sounds and I gasped and glowed. Bruises her forming on her ribcage. Her stomach was slashes and blood was pooling out.

I touched every wounds and bruised and healed them. As fast as I could she was losing a lot of blood. I used the winds carefully and brought a shirt from out of my closet.

"Here's the shirt." I said I got up and called her parents while she changed.

Hello Cross residents”A women answered.

Hello I am Mr Charoum I am the music teacher at your daughters school” I spoke politely

What ever she has done I am truly sorry” The women sighed.

Oh no nothing bad actual she's a good student. I am ringing because on my way home. I saw you daughter me attacked by a group of boys. I well deafened her and brought her back to my house so I could treat her wounds”

Oh my poor child is she ok?” She asked sounded worried

Yes she is fine I'm trained to treat her. She had a fractured rib bruises. I live in the apartment block facing you house. But it will be best not to mover her for now” I said softly.

Thank you for you help and ringing us we were getting worried”

Its my pleasure good night now”

I put down the phone and walked into the kitchen "How the hell do I tell her, I could do it now, but after tonight? Hey Aaliyah hope your ok, by the way I'm your Guardian Angel."

"Excuse me. But what did you just say?" Aaliyah was in the Kitchen! I froze for a moment staring at her.  She looked amused that he caught me off guard. Taking a deep breath to compose my-self "Aaliyah, I'm your Guardian Angel." I repeated

She stared at me for a long time and burst out laughing "That's a good one, look I know that you helped me but come on; you gotta do better then that."

"It's true Aaliyah; I'm your Guardian Angel." We locked eyes she shock her head.

"I don't believe you, you're a fake those wings like god. No no no no. Just no, ok I'm so outta here." I went to walk past him, put he grabbed my wrist touching my bracelet.

Please Ill prove it to” I pleaded she folded her arms sighed and nodded. I took my shirt off she blushed when she look at me. I turned around and flapped my wings. “We real”

I head her gasp her touched my wings and were they joined my back “This cant be real it just doesn't happen”

I picked her up and ran before she could respond I jumped out of the window. I spread out my wings. She gasped. I flew around.

I can control nature look. I made fire float in the air. With that she fainted. I held her close. I went threw my bedroom window. I lay her in the bed and watched her sleep. No way was I ever going to let her get injured. I just hope she believes me.

The End

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