"You're late Aaliyah." Joe my boss told me as I ran into the coffee shop.

"Blame my arse of a music teacher." I shouted back to him dumping my bag behind the counter.  "Sorry."

I found new books that need to be put of the shelves and started to work. I kept checking over my shoulder, it felt like someone was watching my every move. Then I caught sight of black feathered wings. Unbelievable. I slammed the books on the shelve. This teacher was just out of this world, how dare he say that Music wasn't my best subject, music isn't just singing along. You feel it in your body, it touches your soul and you release it by moving.

I felt guilty too, saying that singing was ‘lame'. I mentally kicked myself thinking of different things. I loved singing just as much as dancing but I didn't let anyone know that. Another side of me that I really didn't want people to see. So I kept it hidden and locked away, only letting my voice sing when I was alone.

After a while I looked up seeing that the table was now free.

 "Where did he go?" I wondered scanning the empty coffee shop, then my senses suddenly picked up on something which was strange. Someone was behind me and cleared their throat. I spun round my body reacted slow, then I was staring into scarlet red eyes.

"It is rude to spy on people" Mr Angelino voice was deep luring to my body. I quickly regained my composer glaring at him. Ok this was really annoying me now, the way he looked at me, the way that he kept turning up. I grabbed my bag feeling annoyed yet again by this teacher. I could of slapped him there and then, ‘spying of people'. Ha he should look at himself before accusing people, Grr he made me mad.

"Shop is closing, get out Now." Anger filled my voice I didn't care that he was my teacher, he was on my turf now, I worked here he didn't. Amazingly he went but not before bowing, he actually bowed! I really couldn't work this guy out; I carried on glaring at him as I locked up the book shop. Then I left him heading over to Ben's house I wanted to get home now, I've had enough of today. My head hurt and my body was aching, too much tension and anger was building up. I broke into a run letting my anger out on the pavement.

"Do you want a drink?" Ben offered when he gave me my bag.


"Come on, you're been running, need to keep hydrated." Ben walked down the hall to the kitchen, knowing that I would follow him. He poured out some fresh orange juice into a glass.

"Thanks Ben, think I needed that after all." I told him after I drained the glass.

"Hmm yer, I'm good at knowing what you want." He stepped next to me, his eyes looking down my shirt, his eyes lingering on the logo that was on the right side of my chest.

"Yer, so thanks yep, say hi to your folks for me." I edged away nearing the door. Except I didn't make the door, Ben grabbed my hand pulling me to the side. He pushed up against me, making me sit on the side.

"Ben I've got to go, I'm grounded especially after yesterday..." His lips pressed onto mine, wet and horrible.

"Since when did that stop you? Word is that you go anyway with any boy." He purred to me, ok so this was a lie, rumours that me Briony and especially Jenny told. Jenny was the worst for it, any gossip she knew it before anyone else.

I was about to blurt out that I hadn't been with anyone, but his body was pressed up against me, his hand slipped up my thigh. Instinct took over me and I kicked hard, Ben clasped on the kitchen floor.

"Twat, don't bother calling. Try this again and you will be doing more then crossing your legs in pain." I threatened.

"O'yer...like...what?" He gasped out.

"Put it this way, girls gossip about boys too. You want a bad reputation going about you now." And with that said I went out the back way to his house noticing then that it was raining. Not that it bothered me; it washed away his creepy grubby hands.

                 .                                   .....................

The grey clouds made it look dark on the streets, even though it was just the start of the summer season. I took a short cut though the park, even though I've being told not to in here at night. What can I say I live up to the rebellious teenager that everybody said I was.

"You got a lighter." A voice suddenly called out to me I stopped the figure came into view. It was a man wearing dark clothing, tall and smelling of beer. A mixture of emotions came over me as he strolled over. Fear, anxious, nervous and even thought about looking for this guy's weak spots.

I went for being fearless even though I was playing with the hair in my pony tail, something I naturally did when I was nervous. "No sorry I haven't." And even if I did I wouldn't give it to you. I started to carry on walking but I could still hear his footsteps close behind me.

"Hey can I us your phone to call a taxi?" He asked cutting me off by the park gate near the road.

"I. I haven't got one...on me sorry again." He was blocking my way, I couldn't move.

"Hmm, don't believe you pretty girl, girls like you always carry phones. Give it to me, while your in you bag, give me daddy's money." His hands grabbed my shoulders tightly.

"Look I haven't got anything; it's just my school bag, assessments and junk." I blabbed how was I going to get out of this? He smiled one of those creepy mad man smiles.

"Hey boy's! I think someone telling us fibs." The man looked over his shoulder where two other men came from the shadows. My heart rate picked up seeing the other men, I was by myself and it was dark.

"I haven't got anything." I repeated. The man holding me still wasn't convinced, he throw me to ground where I knew I would have bruises and cuts. One of the men from the shadows hit me in the face when I tried to move, the other one grabbed my shoulder bag. He ripped the bag letting everything drop that was inside.

"Would you look at that, a sliver phone o' and look a purse designer too. My my we have being telling fibs." The guy who seemed to be the leader amused looking through my stuff.

"Get your fitly hands off my stuff and off me!" I shouted I was angry again, but this time the range was overcome by fear of what they could do. His two ‘buddies' thought this was funny, then I felt the toe of their boots in my body. My hair being pulled making me look at the ‘leader', his grubby hand cupped my face. I was quick and I spat in his face and snarled like an animal, it reminded me of the other night.

His grip tightens on my hair I skied out in pain and they laughed, he throws me to the ground again and then his hands went up my shirt. I could barely speck now, I could feel blood coming from the side of my face and also my stomach.

"That's no way to treat a lady." My ear picked out a voice that sounded familiar.

"You've seen nothing, get out of here before my boy's teach you a lesson." His hands went from my skin instead to my mouth, stopping me from screaming.

"O' I've seen enough and believe me Sir, I'll be the one teaching you and your boy's a lesson. Get away from the girl." His voice was deadly cold as he spoke. Two of the men must have gone to sort the ‘new' guy out, it sounded painful, and then I heard two bodies fall to the ground.

"Last chance, you've seen some of what I can do. Now are you going to let her go, or take your very weak chances with me"?

The ‘leader' scuffled away from me, I was curled up closed eyed worried to open them again.

"God, Aaliyah it's ok." His voice reassured me. "Aaliyah its Char-Mr Angelino."

I opened my eyes and saw Mr Angelino crouched down next to me. I coughed a few times. "It's ruddd-rude to...spy...on people." I could see him trying to hold back a smile. I glared at him I tried to get up, but when his hand went out to help me I flinched.

"I'm ok, just leave me alone." I snapped, I didn't want his help I just wanted, who am I kidding? I sighed in frustration.

"Let me help you, your hurt pretty bad. You can't go back to your parents like that." He told me.

"Back off. You know nothing about me and my parents." I snapped again defensibly. His changed so much then, it was hard to read, the wings moved too. I started to walk away slowly, but my ears could faintly hear him say something under his breath.

"God Aaliyah you know nothing of the world that you live in, let alone what you are."

I spun back to face him feeling dizzy and blood trickling down my body. "You're coming back with me Aaliyah, you won't admit it but you need my help." I just stared at him, there was something more behind his words, but I didn't know what it was.

"No I'm not, you can't make me." This was childish something that I never said, I wished that I could have took it back, I looked away.

"Really?" He amused then with out warning he picked me up and placed me on his bike, handing me a black helmet. "O' you can thank me later by the way."


I was sat on the sofa in the main room of his apartment. I didn't say a word, it sung when he put the wet warm cloth to my cuts. I gasped out at one point I lent forward and gripped his shoulder, clenching my fist full of his black shirt. I did mind however when he said that he had to take my top to get to my cuts there.

"It's ok, I have to check the bleeding, you can use one of my shirts." I took my top off; looking away I heard him gasp and growled under his breath. His hands were soft and gentle on my skin, smooth hands that took the pain away.

"Here's the shirt." I opened my eyes to see a white buttoned up shirt near me. I rolled the sleeves and buttoned it up, leaving a few undone at the top.

He was specking on the phone, so he didn't notice me when I went into the kitchen. I heard him mutter to himself not knowing I was there, he came in still muttering.

"How the hell do I tell her, I could do it now, but after tonight? Hey Aaliyah hope your ok, by the way I'm your Guardian Angel."

"Excurse me. But what did you just say?" I asked for a moment he froze.  And i enjoyed the moment where he was took of guard.Taking a deep breath to compose himself. "Aaliyah, I'm your Guardian Angel."

It took me a moment to think this through, then without warning I laughed. "That's a good one, look I know that you helped me but come on; you gotta do better then that."

"It's true Aaliyah; I'm your Guardian Angel." We locked eyes I shock my head.

"I don't believe you, you're a fake those wings like god. No no no no. Just no, ok I'm so outta here." I went to walk past him, put he grabbed my wrist touching my bracelet.

The End

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