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I woke up early in the morning so I took a long shower. It was strange having to go work. I haven't ever worked. I never had to. I just wanted to get this over with. I got dressed in my now dry cleaned suit from yesterday. I loaded up my Black Motor bike with my Brief Case. I put on my Long leather Jacket, and my helmet and away I was. I was driving way over the limit but since when would an Angel get stopped?

When I pulled in Many heads turn towards me, When I took my helmet of I ruffled my hair. I heard many people gasp and Giggle. I smiled at some girls who were staring. I swear one looked like she would Faint. I grinned this place one be so bad.

I walked into reception I was greeted by a young Women. She looked over me and grinned. She was average height. Her hair brown was on a loose bun. She wore glasses that covered her chocolate Brown eyes. She wore a white blouse (too low V shape neck) and a Pencil skirt with High heels.

“Hello you must be Mr Angelino I am Mrs Mackenzie but please call me Davina I am head of Music” she said Battering her eye lids. I smiled and kissed her hand lightly.

“Please call me Charoum” I said politely. She showed me to my new classroom. We walked in. “Do you mind if you play me a song as we didn't interview. It would be hard as you came from Greece” I nodded and smiled.

I sat down and looked at her “So Davina what would you like Classical or a modern song” I questioned.

She grinned “Modern song if you may” I nodded and began to play a song bye Pink- Fun I began to sing along. She stared at me slightly shocked but regained her posture. “Not bad Charoum, I guess you are an Angel” I laughed more than she knew.

I got ready for my fist lesson. As they came they all lined up waiting for me to speak “Hello class I am Mr Angelino I am your music teacher for you last year sit where you want your supposed to enjoy music so and formal stuff goes out of the window. Apart from arriving here on time and respecting me and fellow class mates.

The classed all sot down in groups, I smiled at them “Now class Music to me is about expressions one's self” I sat down at the Piano and played different songs depending on the moods I said “for example Being happy in love, to feeling despair from a broken heart” People laughed at the chang of music. “From being calm and mellow, to Being feeling rage”This time I had the whole class laughing at how Dramatic I was playing.

I stood up and handed them new books “So throw your old books away because this is a new way of learning” The class cheered, I wrote my name on the board. I heard the door open and close. I turned around. To see Aaliyah Sneak in into he classroom I smearked couldn't believe the thought she could get away with it. I took a moment to look at her.

White top at hugged her curves. I grey skirt (shrter than supposed to be) I black leather jacket and long shoulder bag. She looked cute. I shook my head Pull your-self together I shouted inside me head. Your here guardian Angel and teacher!

I shook my head to gain my posture,"Nice of you to join us Miss Kitsune." I said in a deed voice. Everyone stopped taking looking around the room.

"Excuse Sir, but no-one got the last name as ‘Kitsune'. In no-one in this school got that last name." the geeky looking boy said

"Yer he right Sir." girl next time chipped in.

"Ok sorry my mistake, wrong paper work. I meant Miss." I said to her wonder what her surname is.

"For god sake, the names Aaliyah Cross get your facts right before saying anything." she Snapped finally looking at me.

She looked away from me to the board "Mr Angelino." she said out loud. "See it's not hard to get things right." she smiled but not a friendly smile.

"Right class by the piano if you please and we're begin with a few songs that we all know." I said walking over to the grand piano , everyone but Aaliyah went over to the piano.

I started to play Hallelujah everyone joined in, But Aaliyah what a surprise Come over here Aaliyah this is a group session." I shouted over his music.

"Your be lucky Sir, she never joins in." Geeky boy said. "Unless your in her Dance class Sir, she can dance." 

I stopped playing I looked at her smiling, as she glared at me in response, this amused me more.

"Very well, Miss- I asked

"Aaliyah." she said though gritted teeth.

"I see you after school today." I stated

"You what"? She gasped looking shocked.

"I want to speak with you, about your stubbornness." I simply said grinning

"Whatever Sir." she stormed out the room. With that we carried on playing.


The rest of the day went quickly by. I decided to play the piano to relax from the hard days work I had by playing Fun house again. I liked this song and it reminded me of Heaven supposed to be good. But with me it ain't so good.

I heard the door open and slam shut. “Oh great so the music teacher sings” Aaliyah rolled her eyes. She had her hair tied up wearing a Black shirt with a label on it reading Smiths Book Shop. With a shot Denim skirt with black pumps. She looked so Hot in those Clothes NO I am her Teacher.

I sat on the desk in front of her so I didn't dwarf her, she folded her arms and looking away.

Aaliyah I guess music isn't your best subject but it would help if you joined in” I said softly

Yeah well I don't want to Singing is Lame” I knew she was lying I could in her eyes it gave it away. She was hiding something deep down. She was sad and lost. It made me feel sorry for her. I now realised she needed my help.

Nice Bracket where'd you get it from” I asked I noticed her bracelet two Fox,s wrapped close together. I knew she was from the Kitsune family that was there symbol. The pure blood shape shifter family. Know for changing into Fox's

She glared at me now “None of your business I have had it all my life so I dont know. What do you teaches care your all noisy Ba****ds” She screamed and ran out. I stared at her in disbelief. I looked threw her Paperwork. I should have read clearer. No wonder she didn't know. She was adopted from birth. That's why she was called Cross and she doesn't know she's a shape shifter. I groaned great I will have to tell her 1, she's adopted, 2shes a shape shifter and 3 I'm a freaking angel who's Her Guardian Angel.

I followed her to her work and began to look around the books shelf. I kept peeping over them while she was putting them away. I think she noticed me and moved away staking shelves. I went and sat down in the coffee area holding a book. I just grabbed on and realised I had picked up Romeo and Juliet. I saw her moving books out of the self, I ran around silently. I Behind her.

Where did he go” She muttered. I cleared my thought and she spun around.

It is rude to spy on people” I mused, She glared at me picked up her bag.

Shop is closing Get out Now” She shouted. I bowed to her and walked out. She Glared at me. She locked up and headed down the road. I got on my Motor bike and followed but not to close for to notice me.

The End

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