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"I'm ok mum just leave it please." I told her as she helped me out the car.

"Just let me help you Ali, you need to rest take time for the drugs to work." She ended up helping me into the house; my little brother sat doing his homework on the dinning room table.

"Do want anything to eat?" Mum asked heading into the kitchen.

"What err, no I'm ok need my room." I couldn't hear the sport's channel, that was good dad wasn't home. Yet.

"Meeting ran over, back later to give you a lecture I'm looking forward to it." Michel said.

"Shut it brat." I went into Michel room nicking my key back for my window. I shut my door and went straight to my window sit, opening the window wide. I felt better all at once. I hated the hospital too many sounds and smells, the cool breeze was helping me now. The sky was a midnight blue beauty; I closed my eyes for just a moment...


"Dam it, this is just great. Ugh!" I moaned to myself as I walked to school the next day. My bag was still at Ben's house and I needed it, my phone was in there. I'll get it after work it's on the way back, I shouldn't be there long. I felt good today whatever those doctors gave me work like a treat, hmm wonder if that could sell it to me on a Friday night. I giggled as I made my way to the school quad.

"Aaliyah! You're here I was soo worried!" Briony voice shouted as she hugged me.

"Yer Aaliyah, next time your feeling down, let us know so we can go and get something black." Jenny hugged me.

"Sorry it wasn't my fault this dam black jeep rambled me off the road." I told them.

The bell went then so we all pilled into school stopping by our lockers.

"Ben missed you yesterday by the way." Jenny said taking her Biology book out.

"He still got my bag too, what we got first my mind barely here this morning." I sighed leaning against my locker.

"I've got Miss Backer for Dance, Jenny got Biology and you've got Mr Hottie for Music. Then we've all got English together, and then you and Jenny have got Maths. O' and Mr Mac Daniels he wants to move you into his Dance lesson, think you've got it last today." Briony informed a stunned Jenny and me.

"Sorry just roll back a minute, who the hell is Mr ‘Hottie'? Music what's going on there"? I asked.

"O'yer well he was meant to start yesterday, never turned up teacher that covered said it was a personal matter." She shrugged.

"Well you better get a move on Ali, don't want to be late now do you." Jenny joked and she and Briony left waving bye.

    Turns out I was late as I made my way into the class; I snuck in not taking much notice of the teacher who was writing his name on the board. I grabbed the desk at the back of the class keeping fiery hair covering my face.

"Nice of you to join us Miss Kitsune." A deep voice said. Everyone stopped taking looking around the room.

"Excuse Sir, but no-one got the last name as ‘Kitsune'. In no-one in this school got that last name." Harry spoke up.

"Yer he right Sir." Rebecca added in.

"Ok sorry my mistake, wrong paper work. I meant Miss."

"For god sake, the names Aaliyah Cross get your facts right before saying anything." I've been in this room 5 minutes and all ready I wanted to hit this guy. I finally looked up at this guy my eyes scanned all over his body.

He had black hair that was as black as the night sky; his eyes were scarlet red hidden behind thick black eyelashes, he was tall if I was standing next to him then I would just come to his shoulders. He was wearing a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his fore arm, showing off his veins and muscles. But the one thing that really caught my eye, was the big black wings that were on his back. Fake had to be, I couldn't stop staring at them. Why would this guy have wings?  

My heart fluttered for a moment but I looked away staring at the board with his name.

"Mr Angelino." I said out loud. "See it's not hard to get things right." I smiled but not friendly.

"Right class by the piano if you please and we're begin with a few songs that we all know." He walked over to the grand piano that was in the room, everyone but me went over to the piano.

He started to play and everyone joined in. I however refused I wouldn't even let my foot tap along to the beat. Now I wished that I had my phone, I go text Briony and Jenny.

"Come over here Aaliyah this is a group session." Mr Angelino shouted over his music.

"Your be lucky Sir, she never joins in." Harry told him. "Unless your in her Dance class Sir, she can dance." 

He stopped playing and looked straight at me, I glared at him in response, this seemed to amuse him.

"Very well, Miss-

"Aaliyah." I said though gritted teeth.

"I see you after school today." He said.

"You what"? I gasped out, I had work a 4.

"I want to speak with you, about your stubbornness."

"Whatever Sir." And with that I grabbed my bag and slammed the door on my way out.      


It felt good to dance my body relaxed and moved gracefully around the room.

"Good work Aaliyah, watch your arms that's it."  Mr Mac Daniels directed. "Now Josh get ready to lift her."

I ran to Josh's open arms and he lifted me in the air and then the music stopped, the light came down and went off.

"Fantasist it good work everybody, see you all soon." Mr Mac Daniels called to us all.

I quickly went to the showers and put my hair up into a pony tail. I slipped my denim mini skirt on and my black shirt.

"O' Aaliyah Mr Angelino wants to see you in his classroom before you go." Mr Mac Daniels reminded me.

"Thanks Sir." Great the strange fake wing guy told him. Ugh great!  

The End

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