Why me !?!Mature


I enter the apartment and it was just as expected, The living room was large and white, that will change soom. there was to sofas. in the middle a coffe table with a T.v in the Corner was a grande Black piano. I grinned I loved it. The Kitchen was simple but modern marble finnish.

There was two bedrooms Wierd. The master bedroom was just like mine black walls with a king size bed in the middle. I turned on the light in my room and unpacked. I guess mught as well make this place more homely.

I showered and began to think surely it wasnt too hard to control this girl I mean she human at the end of the day feeble and weak. I chaged into jogging bottoms. I looked out of the window. At the same time she did, I moved into the shadow thought she didnt really see me. I got into bed tomorow was going to be a long day.

I woked up at the sound of the alarm clock I ground. Great work and being a Guradian. I got and dressed I wore a Black pin striped suit black shirt with a silver back tie. That wasnt fastened up at the top.

I went outside just as she meaning Aaliyah was getting into her car. Ablack jeep was following her. This didnt look good I jumped onto my Motor bike but my helmet, put my brief case tied on the back and followed them both. Ironic stalk the stalker.

She went to a rikity bridge The jeep rammed into her twice sending her down a hill the window smashed and she went in the water. Quicked I jumped of my bike. I spread oout of my wings and dived into the water after her. I went further down until I saw her. I closed slumped over sterring wheel.

I pulled the door off the frame and ripped her seat belt. I gently took out of her seat, I put my hand round her waist. and haulled out the water. I hid behind some bushed until Man left. She wasnt breathing.

I put my hands over her they bagan too glow. Suddenly she began to cough up water, I girnned I did it.

The ambulance came. I followed on my moterbike. Once they got there I sat with her. She looked so fragile. Now. I releber seeing her eyes how frightened she was. I shuddered the Docter Came in

He was checking over her vital sighns "So Mr ?"

"Mr Angelino,  Charoum   Angelino " I told him.

"It was was lucky you were there she could have died, Guess your surname comes in Handy today" He said and left.

I watched as she slept Wondering how it felt to nearly Die. Her eyes fluttered Open and I left the room before the whole "Who are you" Come avout I didnt want to face the whole Im your Guardian Angel Bull When I didnt ecen belive it.

I jumped in my moterbike and Headed home I ran the school apogized again told them what happened that not to expect me today in work Nor this Aailayah. With that I speant the day painting the far wall in my house, a deep red.

I looked out of my window as Her mother pulled up to the house and Helping Aaliyah out of the car. She went straight into her room. she went to her room and opened her window she just sat there jazing up at the stars.

The End

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