Key's and Car'sMature


"You can't take my car I need that for work and school!" I shouted standing up the chair falling backwards.

"Just until you learn your lesson. Keys Aaliyah." Dad said holding his hand out.

"Your have a job, there in my bag that's at Be-Briony's house." I didn't dare say there in Ben's shed, which would lead to even more questions that I didn't want to mention.

"Jim, can we do this in the morning-well later it's late, early she got school in the morning." My mum sounding tired and worn out said, taking one last swig of coffee, which smelt horrible to my nose.

"No you must have a spare set; in fact I know you have. Here now Aaliyah." My dad nearly shouted, still holding his hand out.

"Fine!" I shouted back stamping up the staircase to my room, huffing as I went my door was wide open, I went to my dresser and grabbed the key.

"Here take it; you want my clothes because I can strip them off for you." I chucked my leather jacket off.

"Don't you dare Aaliyah Cross, get to your room and don't wake your brother up!" Dad said getting closer and closer to me.

"I wouldn't dare wake golden boy up, how rude of me not care about my precious little brother." I sarcastically said picking my jacket up and stomping up the stairs again and slamming my door.

I didn't bother with the light, I knew where everything was and I preferred the dark to the light. I found my blue short nightly and slipped it over my fiery red hair silky hair. Before climbing into bed I looked out into the night sky, everything looked soo clear. Tiny stars lit the blackness of the night, the half moon shone on my pale skin making it glow.

It was then when I noticed that a light was on in the block of apartments across my street, it was directly facing my window then the light was gone. Strange I thought never seen a light on in that room before, maybe someone moved in, but why is the light on?

There was no breeze, the window was shut! I frantically went to the lock on the window, it was locked. I gasping feeling trapped in my small room, everything seemed to be closing in. I ran round my room, looking for the other key surly I've got it somewhere, but where did I put it.

"Looking for this?" I turned to my door seeing my little brother wearing a smug face.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" I snapped at him.

"What with you stomping around here?" He replied "So you don't want this?" He was holding the key to my window.

"Give that back now, brat." I said before lunging at him. "Give it Michel."

"If you two don't pack it in and go to sleep right this minute, there be hell to pay in the morning!" Dad roared to us from down stairs.

I hit Michel and slammed my door forgetting about the key and clasping on my bed.

The morning came too soon after last night fun and games I really didn't want to go to school. Being a senior at Riverdale's High, I couldn't wait to leave although I didn't know what I was going to do. Just get out of town, anyway. I was under my bed finding my little box that held everything precious to me, including my spear key for my car.

I tucked it deep in my jean pocked and chucked my light blue jumper on and headed down stairs. Mum and Dad had already left for work and Michel left with them. I didn't have time for breakfast so I grabbed my leather jacket and shoulder bag and went out to my car.

Pulling out of my drive I noticed a black jeep sort of car near my house. I turned my Ipod on letting the music flow around the car. My body was craving to start dancing to the beat of the track, instead I started to sing.

I looked up to the mirror seeing that my make-up was ok, and then black jeep came round the corner. Was it following me? Something inside of me felt strange, the car made me nervous. This is silly, but still I turned off and went down the slip road. Suddenly the black jeep was right behind me, bumping me, the windows of the black jeep were blocked so I couldn't see the idiot who was playing bumper cars with me.

So he wants' to play games does he, I'll give him a game. I put my foot down feeling the power in my small battered purple mini. But still the black jeep bumped me, and then I saw the river.

I had no-where to turn off, the bridge wasn't stable enough for both of our cars. Then the black jeep came up on my right shoulder and slammed right into me. I couldn't control the car; the jeep hit me again sending me down the hill to the river. A tree branch came into view and smashed the window, sending glass everywhere. I was bouncing about and hit something hard, I could feel blood dripping down my face and then nothing, just blackness.

The End

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