Fallen Angel... What !?!Mature

I stood in the middle of the court woom, white walls floor. I looked up at the everyone sitting high up on Benches. I had never been in court before, yes I had been in trouble but not this bad.

"Charoum, you have desturbed the peace and harmony between Angels too manny times. You have had warning several times I regret this but, You are now being sent to earth to live there. You are now a Fallen angel" Boomed the Judge.

"What !" I screamed making people look scared of me "Im a Fallen Angel Now Noo you cannot do this to me" I bellowed.

They all got up and left the room telling me to stay. I was pacing round the room, they could not do this to me. They couldnt function with out me. Heavan would be boring. I was the spice that kept this place alive.

They walked back in, I glared at the judge he cleared his throat and shifted his wieght on each foot looking slightly nervous. I smirked Everone here is scared of me. Because I have black hair and and wings with Red eyes (almost). The angels here Had blonde hair white wings and blue eyes. So I am the cursed one. Some people like it makes them feel Bad knowing me. But it is easy to get people to fear me.

"This has never been allowed before, but you will still be sent earth, But you will have to prove your self worthy of being an Angel. You will a Guardian Angel to a young Girl who is in great Danger. Fail to protect here you will be a fallen Angel. But Protect her you will be brought back up here" People clapped in agreement this was not fair.

I was taken into the next sat down. I was given a folder I looked threw it. There was a photo of a young girl. She was pretty none like the girls up here she had Fiery red hair down her back with bright green eyes. She was a looker.

"That is Aaliyah Kitsume you will be her Guardian, She is 17 a pureblood shapeshifter. She doesnt know it so break it easily to her. Gets into trouble a lot soon will start to be hunted down" Lillian said sge was in charge of the Gaurdians.

I had parerwork and keys. I held them up "Arhh yes well you will need some where to stay you live across the road from her in an apartmant I belive you room is in front of hers so you can keep watch. Oh I should warn she is a handful she is redellios, fiery and strong willed"

I sighed "great Im a stalker for a moody Teenager Fun !" I collected all my parer work up. I slid out of the room. I packed up the little belongings I possesed. Into a suitcase.

Lillian came in behind me I turned around "The better have a Piano in this room for me " I warned her she simply smiled and nodded.

"Everything is place for example you have a job as the music teacher at her school. Your bills are paid for you have suits for work are in the warbdrobe. One more thing She can see your wings. No-oe else can"

I brushed past her I didnt care any more I just wanted to get this over with. How hard could it be not like Id fall for the girl. I sent out . I looked down at earth. I sighed here goes.

I jumbped down and opened my wings out it felt good to spread them out for one. I smiled as I swooped down to earth going faster and faster. Until I came to a holt and glided down on top of the buildings. Looking down I saw the girl from the photo.

she was being shoute by her farther I smirked, I like ther girl already a trouble maker, this was going to be fun afterall.

The End

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