Angels PassionMature


You may think an angels life is heavan because we live in heavan, we have the purity more pure than any saint. The power to destroy earth ten times over in many different ways.

But I tell you this now and remeber it is not so fun it is not so pure, there are rules to follow and in any place an order that people follow if not the punishment is being banished from heaven its self. Forced to be a fallen Angel and to walk earth with humans.

It was a wonderful summers day (as always) in the I alwaysbring my new Angels, the Meadow. It is surrounded by trees. The meadow coivered in sweet smelling flowers, cotton clouds in the sky. The thought in my mind was "This place is too perfect"

Oh I almost forgot the names Aneal ,me Im an Angel influencing  love, passion and sexuality. I know what your think how corny but it's true when you feel your heart flutter. Thats me telling you to like them. That feeling when you want someone right then and there. Thats me all me God I love my job and then sometimes I hate it.

As any other angel, I have Angel wings, blonder and blue eyes me no Im different. I have Black Hair almost red eyes. Mother left me with my Auntie saying I was cursed my Satan him-self.

So here I am now sat in a field with another pretty angel, telling her how much I love her. But like the rest we last a month then I break saying they deserve better. Sometimes I could make-self laugh, what can I say I like the chase. I break the rules but I am never punished this place would not function without me.

"Amelia Oh how I love you" I cooed down her ear making her giggle, she was small blonde. Her lips were smooth against mine, there was no spark between us. She needed me to make her farther agnry. I needeed her well for the thrill of Anoying Athanion.

"Aneal" A voice boomed behind me, I turned around to see Jacob stood there, he was the typical Angel, Blonde curly hair, blues eyes and a boyish charm. "You are summand to the court of Angels go there now" With that he walked away"

I kissed Her tenderly on the lips "Bye for now my love, I will be back soon" I stood up and started t make my way to the court, only I did not know this would be my last time in heavan for a very long time.

The End

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