the game played by a tricksterMature

"what?" I asked in utter confusion? "He isn't here you know this... you know where you are don't you?" She stood wiping the tears from her wind swept face slapping my hard she stared trying to keep the anger upon me but I could see the worry and hurt in her eyes.
"Don't be such a fool Charoum, He's hurt My Dad no... That thing hurt him and I need to get back to him. You have to take me right now! She screeched and grabbed my arm practically dragging me back to the bridge.

"you just know? how do you know? have you thought it could be a trap too lure you... us in" I said trying to slow her down. She growled spinning back at me.
"If this was your sister you would not be questioning and on your way already so Hurry up!" I nodded I picked up up in my arms spreading my wings and jumped and taking flight.
"OK I relent but if I see one sign of dangerous I'm pulling you out Do you understand?" I warned her she stuck her tongue and held on tighter.
"Just try it cherub and Ill tear your arm off" She hissed, rolling my eyes I took our descent to Earth hoping this was not a lure away from my little Rose.
When we came close to land I dropped to a stance letting her down and looked around the street was dark and rightly so at 1 am. but it still felt strange. but I saw nothing that was out of place. Aaliyah was already through the gate and kicked the door open and heard her scream "Michel! " With that I ran in to see a boy curled up fighting to breath as he lay in his own blood. and a shaking Aaliyah kneeling beside him stroking his hair. She looked at me with tears rolling down her cheeks.
"I'm going to kill him. I rip him to shreds" She wailed just as we heard heavy foot steps and his nasty smirk.
"Oh really now you little bitch! you and what army " I laughed I stepped out from where I was and quickly wrapped my arms around her waist as she launched herself at him.
"That would be me. But I am just here to make sure there are pieces of you left of over for when she wants a chew toy" I smirked enjoying my own little joke.

The End

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