The ball was enchanting; music flowed giving the room a magical feeling and I was dancing in the arms from Charoum. It was easy to forget that everyone was glaring at us, whispering and wondering why Charoum was here.

“Thank you for coming, I don't think I would have made it through the door without you here” Charoum bent slowly to my ear said softy, the feel of his breath on my neck sent silvers down my spine and I gasped at how close we were again.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else” I held his gaze falling deeper and deeper into those dark unforgettable eyes that captured me. Nothing mattered anymore. It was as if there was only Charoum and I in the room, the world stilled as he moved closer to me then my eyes closed sensing his lips nearing and my heart quickened.

“Charoum my boy may I speak with a moment” The spell that held us was broken, we both jerked back. Another angel had appeared looking from Charoum to me, he nodded in my direction and looked back to Charoum. Getting the point I made my exit with some lame excuse and walked away.

I was looking at painting when I sensed their presents. “Miss Kitsune, I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure.” The dooming voice announced behind me and as I turned my fake smile appeared. “Allow me to introduce my wife Vanessa.” She smiled tightly her eyes glazing down my appearance. “And I am Elijah.” Elijah bowed his head.

“Pleasure to meet you.” I replied bowing slightly out of respect; Charoum didn’t speak of his parents but even I could feel the power that they held. Without looking closely you wouldn’t know they were related, Elijah was tall deep blonde hair slightly longer on the top and deep blue eyes. Vanessa was still staring at me with those violet eyes that looked familiar from somewhere, shoulder length blonde hair and thin set smile.

“Please pleasure all ours.” Elijah smiled. A waiter came round with a tray of champagne; Elijah motioned for him to come over and gave me a glass.

 “It’s good to see.” I said taking the glass and took a slip that I’d need.

“To see what my dear?” Elijah asked curious.

“To see the parents that rejected their own son.” I smiled putting the glass down and kept my eyes level not fearing either of them.

Elijah narrowed his eyebrows the smile turned into a smirk, but finally I got a reaction out of Vanessa. “You know nothing little girl.”

“I know not to disown someone because they don’t fit in my perfect little world.” A small laugh came from her lips.

“You only see what he wants you to see, he’s controlling you and you can’t see it. He’s only using you, whatever you feel towards him is a lie and you know it. You know his power of emotion, think about it and your see.”

“At the first chance you get.” Elijah began coming forward touching his wife shoulder. “Kill him.”

“No one is controlling me.” I tried to keep from growling the words I had to keep it under control. “You don’t have the right to tell me what to do.”

“No your right.” Elijah smiled sipping his drink. “Your parents do, where are they by the way?” Raising his eyebrows and waiting for the response that he wanted.

“Oh Elijah don’t your upset her, poor orphan girl and not even her human parents wanted her.” She gave me a fake sad look and went back to gazing at my eyes. “Never had love given.”

“The bond of a parent is unbreakable.” I hated the way they were looking at me, yet their words were starting to affect me and now I didn’t feel so confident. “Cowards the pair of them.”

“Why are they?” I asked.

“They ran and left others to pick up the pieces.” He said casually.

“They didn’t have a choice, they had to protect me and it was the only way.” My voice turned hard now others started looking over, I needed to get away but they had me backed into the wall.

“Everyone has a choice and who told you by the way?” Elijah already knew the answer.


“Your parents are better off dead, they wouldn’t want a daughter who believes everything she hears and in case you’re wondering we have no reason to lie to you.” Vanessa words slapped me in the face and I turned running towards the doors outside.

Moments later I heard Charoum voice in my head try and reach me but I didn’t want to hear him. I kept running until I slipped and fell crashing to the ground. It hurt but their words hurt me more.

“Aaliyah please”

I didn’t know what to think anymore. Charoum. My parents. I tried to stand up my ankle hurt as I walked limping, not that I knew where I was going and then I sensed him. A small growl escaped my throat I carried on limping away gaining speed trying to get away.

“Please stop, your hurt, Aaliyah you shouldn’t listen to them.”

“Aaliyah will you stop!” Charoum shouted frustrated.

Then he there right in front of me his midnight black wings open, I glared feeling the anger coming to the surface and clenching my fist.

“I’m warning you Aaliyah don’t do this here.”

I growled Charoum tried to reach out put I hit before he could touch me, he didn’t move so I hit him again and again. It was useless Charoum was strong and could take the hits.

“Aaliyah come back to me…come back.”I still couldn’t hear him, the rage inside was different and something wasn’t right.

“Ahh!” I stopped feeling the burning pain in my head falling to the ground again. What was going on? “Charoum…Charoum…”

Suddenly, everything stopped. I was lying on the ground gasping for air and Charoum was next to me.

“Charoum?” I gasped.

“What happened?” He asked the look of concern covered his face.

“The hurt, rage and burning pain. I can’t explain it. Something not right.” I sat up. “I’m sorry.”

“A burning?” Charoum asked.

“Yes. But…wait.” I had a strange feeling creep into my head.

“What is it?”

“Shh.” Placing my fingers over his lips I closed my eyes trying to get a picture and feeling his pain…



I never understood. I didn’t want to believe. But looking into those dark evil eyes I could see why. The pain she felt. The fear. The secret. That he was the reason she left in tears, blood dripping and broken. I wanted to run but I couldn’t. He aims again but I’m too numb to feel the pain again. Then he leaves goes back to his room slamming the door. I’m left crumped, broken and lost.


  “Oh my god Michael.”   


The End

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