The Ball and ParentsMature

I stared at my self in the mirror “I still Don't think I should be going to this Marie” I grumbled out. I ran my hands through my hair and stared at my reflection, My suit jacket, trousers and waist coat was black, the shirt a crisp black and tie was midnight blue.

Nonsense young master, you have as much right there as the others, besides your charge and the young mistress is waiting for you. You cannot stand up I am sure they would make them pay as I am sure that I have wing” Marie’s voice was soothing and reassuring. As she rattled on she placed a Blue is the top pocket of my suit.

Marie was a middle aged women she was tall, she held her blond hair in a bun and insisted on wearing a dress with an apron.

I chuckled to my self “Marie how many times to I say this call me Charoum, already and my sister Rose, is it still OK to pick her up at 9:30 I don’t want her to be at home when my parents come back in their usual state after a party” I pleaded with her.

of course young master, and I will do no such thing its not showing respect” She huffed while pushing me out the door “Now Good evening Young master I will see you at 9:30” with that closed the door.

I walked towards the wishing bridge and there she stood gazing down into the water, he dressed fitted like a glove and she was fiddling with her bracelet, She swirled around her eyes meeting mine, my breathe hitched. I never thought it was true but she took my breathe away.

Well for a dark angel Mr Angelino your certainly scrub up well.” Her voice carried through the air, before I could stop at a smile graced my face walking slowly forward, as she laughed.

And for a rebellious, strong willed, witty fox you look…” words failed my she looked stunning, I then realised how close we were, I was hypnotsed by her eyes.

Come on we’re going to me late!” rose voice broke the spell we both move away from each other. I saw rose standing on the other side of the bridge jumping up and down.

Coming Rose.” I called back. “Let’s get this over with.” I looked up but Charoum eyes were on his sister. I approved of her appearance she was wearing a silver dress ending at her knees, her blonde curls heal up in a bony tail.

Rose have you got your mask?” I asked, Rose went into her tiny bag and got out her silver patterned mask.

Rose walked a-head twirling with her curls bouncing in her fancy ponytail, in a world of her own.

What are her powers then?” Aayliah asked pulling me out of my thoughts, I was think on the times I noticed her using some powers.

It’s hard to say really, given that she’s only 8 years old and most angels have the ability to sense certain sources.” I looked down at her seeing she nodded in understanding.“Although her power is developing more than it should.”

Will she have the same as you?” her voice curious

Hard to say, I can control emotions have a good sense of what someone is feeling but, my strongest is using the elements. I guess we’ll have to see.” We finally made it to the main building, rose wati right ahead, my anxiety grew “Rose wait for us.” I called

Rose stopped giving us both a cheeky smile tapping her tiny heeled shoes. “Big brother I want to go and find my friend.” Rose whined

When we did reach I picked her up whizzed her around making Rose laugh and then kissed her on her forehead. “That’s Samantha over there, now Marie is coming to pick you up at 9:30 and I want to say goodbye right here on this spot by the fountain.” I watched face dropped slightly at the mention of saying goodbye, looked of Aaliyah.

You’re saying bye right?” She gave the cute, her little weapon she uses to make sure she gets her own way.

Aaliyah smiled “Of course.” rose smiled back and ran off to meet her friend and they went inside.

Marie?” she questioned Charoum as we went into the hallway holding our tickets.

Housekeeper sometimes looks after Rose and she’s not too bad with her.” I shrugged, I gave the tickets hoping to avoid her suspicion “Before we go I’ve got your birthday present here and you’ve still not worn it.” I pulled the necklace from my pocket and place it round her neck

I had forgotten about this.” she smiled touching the tear drop tiny diamond pendant. “Thank you.”

I looked, seeing people were already staring and whispering, and I could hear every word.

Oh my he actually came”

you would think they would ban him from coming out in public”

poor girl having him as a charge”

Have you got our masks to?” she asked pulling me away from their voices.

I smiled knowingly reaching the inside pocket and pulled out our masks. They both matched what we were wearing and once tied. She looked into a mirror and gasped.

Lead the way guardian.” she said sarcastically looking at some people and smiled. I held her hand and tucked in my elbow, glaring at the people staring. The doors opened and were entered.

The music was quaint and there was people in circles, people turned and stared at us, Aaliyah went rigid next to me. I tried to soothe her by stroking her arm.

Lillian came forward to greet us “Charoum” she greeted me “This must be the lovely charge Miss Kitsune, I am sure you keeping him in his place” she said kindly Aaliyah blushed and took a sly glance towards me.

Yes well someone has to “she grinned cheekily I chuckled rolling her eyes.

Well at least someone has stepped up to the mark, now Charoum where is your manners go dance with this lady, and no back chat” She gave that look that means if argue I will barbecue you.

I bowed “Lillian” and took Aaliyah hands to lead her to the, I placed my hand on hand on her waist, and held her hand tentatively, we swirled around the floor in a world of our own.

Thank you for coming, I don't I would have made it through the door without you here” I said softly in her ear.

I wouldn’t want to be any where else” I gazed in her eye sand everything disappeared, I leaned down, she closed her eyes, this was it, I was finally going to feel her lips on mine. When someone put his hand on my shoulder.

Charoum my boy may I speak with a moment” It was Sebastian, only friend of him, we both jerked apart.

I erm.. going to get a drink” Aaliyah mumbled quickly moving away.

I turned turn glaring at him he had long blond hair that was tied at the nape of his neck “This better be good”

He shifted uncomfortably “its about the yellow eyes, dont ask me how I know, there were after my charge” he wore a painful expression “They got to get, I fell for her and they killed her in front of. I want that to happen to you” Hi voice was hoarse, my heart ached.

Did I feel that strongly for Aaliyah I looked steadily at him “Tell me everything you know on them.

We walked to the edge of the crowd. “Ok they own a chance of clubs most magical creature go there, they watch them. And the strong I don't know how they drain there powers for them selves. You charge is a mighty strong one so be careful with her. I know you care for her and its obvious she feels the same for you. Just don't leave it too late before you tell her, and holy crap you better go your parents cornered her”

I growled and saw Aaliyah running out of the room, I walked over to my parents and walked straight face to face with them. “What did you say to her” I growled out.

We told her the truth and you were pure evil she should kill when she has the chance, but of course you have bewitched her. So I told what I thought that her Real parents are better off dead” My Farther snickered.

Before I could control my emotions, windows smashed the air swirled around and the room went deathly cold.

The ONLY people who make me EVIL is you, now I would kill you on spot but it would hurt Rose, I have a fox to find” I hissed out.

I stormed out the hall and called through our link.

Aaliyah please answer me, I sorry for what they said its not true. I need you here please”

The End

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