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“I have to do what?”

“Aaliyah we haven’t got time for this.” Charoum rolled his eyes, I crossed my arms and Rose smiled looking between us. “We’re going to be late.”

“No way am I closing my eyes while you fly me around, getting higher and higher you might drop me!”

“He won’t drop you Aaliyah, if he does I’ll drop him.” Rose said sweetly.

“Sure you will my Rose now Aaliyah pick up your bag and we can get flying.” Charoum replied. I was not looking forward to this, I turned away watching the birds fly around in the sky.

“Don’t you trust me?” Charoum whispered coming up behind me.

“I…”Suddenly his arms captured me lifting me up in the air. I clung to his body not caring for a moment and buried my head in his shoulder closing my eyes, breathing in his scent.

“Aaliyah open your eyes.” Surprising myself I did and gasped seeing my new surroundings. “Welcome to my hometown.”


Beautiful didn’t even begin the cover how amazing Charoum hometown was. Something about it felt soo magical and enchanted. Charoum took us through the town part looking for some special dress shop, it was busy apparently this masquerade ball was a big event so everyone was rushing around trying to find outfits for tonight. As we walked Charoum and Rose talked, I noticed however how everyone else reacted around them, some ignored them, and some stared and whispered to each other.

It was infuriating. Why couldn’t people accept them? Thankfully Charoum took us down some back allay before I could say something.

“Hey this isn’t the way the Bella’s.” Rose said confused.

“Who said we’re going to Bella’s.” Charoum replied winking at her.

“Do you know Rose?” I asked thinking she might know another dress shop.

“No not really, Bella’s is the popular one around these parts.” She took my hand and went walked behind Charoum.

“Ok here we are.” Charoum stopped.

“Big brother I think you need your eyes checking because all I see is bricks.” Rose said glancing at the brick wall, I too was wondering why we had stopped here.

Charoum smiled. “Look closer, use your power little Rose.”

Rose closed her eyes concentrating then she went over to the bricks bending down and then opening her eyes she found a tiny hole in the wall. “It’s a secret door.” Indeed it was and once opened up into Aladdin cave of dresses. There was a woman-well angel standing by the desk looking in a book.

“Cassandra.” Charoum said to the angel walking a head of me, Rose was too busy looking at all of the dresses seeming starry eyed. The angel looked up from the book and her smile seemed genuine.

“I’ve been waiting a while for you.” Looking at her now I could see that she was in her fifties maybe and her white wings opened and closed behind her back. “What took you soo long?”

Charoum turned back to me then back to Cassandra. “Well foxes seem to have trouble flying.”

“Hey sorry I’ve never flew before.” I cut in slightly annoyed.

“You’ve done it before.” Charoum said casually moving his midnight black wings.

“That was different.” I argued walking over to him.

“No not really.” Charoum smiled.

“Are they always like this?” I had forgotten all about Cassandra and Rose in the background.

Rose giggled. “Yeah, always got to have the last word and never back down.”

“Sorry Cassandra was it? I didn’t mean to I-

“My dear, you have nothing to apologise for. Now let’s get started.” Cassandra clasped her hands together, she order Charoum to go next door and suddenly a rainbow of colours flashed in my eyes.


I was waiting on a beautiful craved wooden bridge, the moonlight casted down on the water making it sparkle and a gentle warm breeze encircled me. Cassandra had out done herself on my dress. It was a deep midnight blue colour, strapless, flower sparkling studs covered the top part of the dress, the bottom skirt puffed out the material swayed as I walked and Cassandra had also given me sparking arm sleeves almost like gloves that hooked onto my middle finger, they matched the colour of the dress a thin material.

Charoum had left a message saying that he would meet me here, but he didn’t give a time and I was wondering where he was. I looked down seeing my reflecting in the water, my fiery red hair was up in a curly bun, a few strands of hair fell but created a stylish do on my head and Rose even found some crystal stud clips so Cassandra could place them carefully in my hair. I hardly recognised myself. I started to fiddle with the golden fox charm bracelet on my wrist. Then I turned sensing someone watching me narrowing my jade green eyes and spotting the dark figure come out from the trees. We stared at each other, taking in each other appearance and surprise shone in both of our eyes.

“Well for a dark angel Mr Angelino your certainly scrub up well.” I loved the smile that he gave me a small laugh came out to and made me smile more.

“And for a rebellious, strong willed, witty fox you look…” Charoum stopped speaking looking too deeply into my eyes, I stopped breathing and noticing that we were standing close together.

“Come on we’re going to me late!” A small loud voice shouted making me jump back looking back to the water.

“Coming Rose.” Charoum called back. “Let’s get this over with.” I looked up but Charoum eyes were on his sister.

“Rose have you got your mask?” Charoum asked, Rose went into her tiny bag and got out her silver patterned mask. 

Rose walked a-head twirling in her silver dress, her blonde curls bouncing in her fancy ponytail and in a world of her own.

“What are her powers then?” I asked remembering how she found the secret door earlier.

Charoum brows pulled together thinking. “It’s hard to say really, given that she’s only 8 years old and most angels have the ability to sense certain sources.” I nodded.  “Although her power is developing more than it should.”

“Will she have the same as you?”

“Hard to say, I can control emotions have a good sense of what someone is feeling but, my strongest is using the elements. I guess we’ll have to see.” We finally made it to the main building and I gasped (for the hundredth time today) at the beautiful design of the building. “Rose wait for us.”

Rose stopped giving us both a cheeky smile tapping her tiny heeled shoes. “Big brother I want to go and find my friend.”

When we did reach her Charoum picked her up whizzed her around making Rose laugh and then kissed her on her forehead. “That’s Samantha over there, now Marie is coming to pick you up at 9:30 and I want to say goodbye right here on this spot by the fountain.” Rose’s face dropped slightly at the mention of saying goodbye and looked at me.

“You’re saying bye right?” I couldn’t deny her even if I wanted to, those dark eyes enchanted me the moment I met her and I couldn’t resist.

“Of course.” She smiled and ran off to meet her friend and they went inside.

“Marie?” I questioned Charoum as we went into the hallway holding our tickets.

“Housekeeper sometimes looks after Rose and she’s not too bad with her.” Charoum shrugged but as he gave in our tickets I could see how he was hiding what he truly felt. “Before we go I’ve got your birthday present here and you’ve still not worn it.” Charoum came behind me and I felt the thin gold chain around my neck.

“I had forgotten about this.” I smiled touching the teardrop tiny diamond pendant.  “Thank you.”

Charoum noticing others looking already and they whispered.

 “Have you got our masks to?” I asked, Charoum smiled knowingly reaching into his black three piece suite and pulled out our masks. They both matched what we were wearing and once tied on I went to the nearest mirror and gasped-yet again.

“Lead the way guardian.” I said sarcastically looking at some people and smiled. Suddenly Charoum took my hand and folded it up under his arm, the grand doors opened and together we entered the ballroom.   




The End

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