a delicate rose with deadly thornsMature


"My sweet Char Char, your sister is going to be here soon. So dont let her see you so weak it will make her upset" This was the sweet voice that had been with me since I have been growing up. Yet I could never put a face to it.

after those soft words were spoken I began to regain conscience, Pain was the first thing I felt and boy it was like acid was running through my veins. Stupid angelic sword.  Next came hearing.

"You silly angel this is your fault, you make me ashamed to say I am the same race !" My little voives voice slowly danced into my ears. but it shocked since when did she have that tone of voice.

"How dare you say that to me you little wretch ! I will have your head mounted on my wall" The Amelia's screeched.

I tried to speak but someone stole the words from my mouth.

"DON'T SPEAK ABOUT ROSE IN THAT MANNER!" Aaliyah, if it wasnt for your stupid behaviour she would be with her brother, and he would be protecting. But now he's stuck down here constantly worrying about her, now LEAVE"

I heard her hiss but took the Vixen warning and left, beside me I felt the bed sink in the pressure of them both sitting down.

"I erm... Aaliyah can you brush my hair.. Its just that big brother does it to calm me down. Im learning to control my powers but its not easy and i dont want to wrack his home" I knew if I could open my eyes she would be blushing and looking at her hands.

"Oh sweety come here of course I will" I heard the smile in her voive and inside I was beaming to, this is the first women to accept her.

"You know, big brothers cares about you? when he still lived with me he would never protect anyone he would always walk away. well apart from me. So your very special to him so that means your special to me. So please don't break him. Because I dont think anyone will be able to fix him"

I heard my vixen gasp "Don't tell your big brother, but he is special to me too, he have saved so many times now, even when I put my self in the danger, so I will promise to break, but only for you"

Finnaly !! I was able to start to move, my eyes fluttered open and looked over to see, my little rose sat on the lap of my vixen.

I smirked and tried to sit up and failed ending up falling back groaning at the impact.

"Big Brother ! Silly boy let me heal you !" She crawled over to me, and she put her hands out and they glowed.

I sighed and set up with ease and pulled her into my lap "Oh my beautiful Rose!!" I said as I buried my nose in hair smelling her scent. "I bet you haven't eaten in a while so lets go makes something to eat... after I have showered" 

Okie "Here fox give me a piggy back, no wait a foxy back ? does as that right" She looked up at me I rolled my eyes.

"Aaliyah carried her out while freshened my self up.


"Wow" there pancakes are yummy" Rose exclaimed wolfing them down, I chuckled at the sight of honey running down her chin.

"So brother your coming to the masked ball right?" she asked me cheekily I groaned.

"What a party can I go" I looked at Aaliyah giving puppy eyes (no pun inteneded)

I saw the mischevious glint in rose's she knew I coultn back down from both of them.

"Fine" I barked but you have to dress up Formal dress" She squeeled jumping up and down.

They both ran and wrapped there arms around me sending flaying on the ground 

.They both giggled while I groaned but smirked. "You two are going to be the death of me" I smiled

"We know" they said at the same time"

The End

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