Family ties...Mature


It was like everything fell into slow motion. All I could see was red. All I could feel was hurt and guilt. It was all my fault. Again.

The street was peaceful under the moon and the stars, everyone was asleep and Charoum was bleeding still. I tired licking his wound from that creature but it didn’t seem to be working. Now I was starting to panic because last time he got hurt and was bleeding I was able to heal him. I was still in my fox form worried about someone seeing me and fearing the worse.

“Charoum? Charoum can you hear me?”I spoke using our connection, I couldn’t feel him the same.“Charoum! Come back to me.”

I lay next to him still trying to lick his wounds, feeling hopeless and annoyed at myself. Suddenly something touched my fur making me jump and snap at the hand.

“Do not be feared Vixen, I’ve have come to help you and your angel.” Her soft gentle voice told me, but as she stepped forward I growled warning her and the angel stopped. “Please I promise not hurt Charoum, you can trust me.” I watched as she opened her wings reviling black feathers like Charoum wings.

She was fallen angel.


The early morning sun broke through the sky, the golden beams creeping into Charoum room and made his skin glow like it normally does. I was sat on the edge of the bed staring down at his face, thinking how peaceful he looked and wanting to hold his hand and bring it to my lips. However the angel was standing by the window, her black wings close by her back and she was playing with a strange of black wavy hair.

“How did you know that I couldn’t heal him?” I asked.

“The blade was made from angelic power, you wouldn’t have being able to heal him fully and Charoum was unconscious.” The angel informed me still looking out the window lost in her own thoughts. The angel look older then Charoum, beautiful deep purple eyes, glossy black wavy hair, slim but still curvy built and long red nails.

“How did you find us?” I didn’t sense her before and that scared me knowing that I wasn’t on my guard.

“I felt Charoum energy when he came to protect you a few months back, power like that doesn’t go unnoticed and I was able to track him.” The angel replied.

“But why?”

“So many questions.” She turned and smiled. “I’ve known Charoum for a long time now and never being able to see him fully.”

“What do you mean? You haven’t seen him ‘fully’? I was confused, I didn’t know much about Charoum world and now his world was starting to visit more.

“I was banned from seeing him and his sister because of what I am. His parents wanting nothing to do with me. So whenever they snuck down here, I would watch them from a distance and would wish that I could join them.” She closed her eyes briefly as if remembering a memory.

“That’s really sad.” I said. “They wouldn’t even let you see them, no birthday cards or days out.”

“You’re be surprised how many of us live that way.” I nodded suddenly thinking of my parents my real parents. Did they try and see me? Send birthday cards? But my step parents rejected them just like Charoum parents.

The angel snapped her head to the window, her eyes unfocused and now turned sliver. What was she doing? Then she blinked once her eyes the normal colour and looking at Charoum.

“I must go, others are coming and they would not like me being here especially with you.” The angel walked over to the bed and kissed Charoum forehead then whispered something into his ear. “I’ll see you Aaliyah.”   

“Wait you haven’t told me your name? How am I meant to tell Charoum about you if I don’t know your name?” I jumped off the bed, went out of his room and found myself in an empty room. “Angels.”


I was in the kitchen when I felt it. Dropping the glass of water I ran into Charoum room and skidded to a stop seeing her stand there by the open window.

“What do you want?” I tried to keep the growl from escaping my throat as I glared at her.

“Retract the claws Aaliyah; I come to give him a get well soon present.” Amelia smiled holding her hands up giving the back off sign.

“He’s not awake yet thanks to you.”

“I’m sorry ok. I shouldn’t have started it. Im many ways it was a test to see how strong you were and among other reasons.” Narrowing her eyes at me. I didn’t like it one bit. “Now will you allow me to present him with a gift or not?”

“Yes.” I was tense waiting to see if it was a trick, letting my senses lose and trying to pick up on any danger. Again I felt the same energy from before, but this time it was different and picking up the scent of sweet flowers and honey?

“So you’re the foxy girl.” I spun round hearing the sweet voice and gasped. It was her eyes that captured me the most. They had the same dark almost red eyes, that looked at me too deeply almost as if they could see right into my soul. Her golden curly hair, small delicate body covered by a yellow flower sundress. However her wings were white.

“So you’re the melody that he plays.” I replied remembering the day when I heard him play the sad notes and seeing his lost sad face. “You’re his sister.”

“The one and only Roslyn. But to my friends and between you and me that isn’t many, you can call be Rose.” Charoum sister was full of life and seemed to dazzle me in seconds.

“I’m Aaliyah and it’s really nice to finally meet you.” And instead of shaking hands we high fived.


The End

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