Nice bite you go thereMature


I watched as she beamed with excitement “sure Ill just go change into something more easier to run in” She took the Jar with her as she went to change. As soon as she was out of sight I sighed and leaned against the counter.

Runner my fingers through my unruly hair, thoughts were swirling around my mind. Why would she lie to me? Didn’t she think I would find out she has a second job and in all place a night club, where underage kids go to have a good time where, the smell of cheap alcohol and sweat fills the air. The base pounding and mangled bodies is all to see. That was not a nice place, it reminds me of a death scene.

I shook my head she would tell eventually, hopefully before nothing bad happens to her. She peeped round the corner “Come on then big guy, unless you are backing out realised you are more of a chicken than an angel” She giggled, I let out a playful growl before running after out of the front door.

I watched as she ran in her human form, her hair swayed behind her as the wind swirled it around. It was like watching a fire dance in the wind. I smirked just like her personality that’s why calling her a fiery vixen suited her so much.

I was too hypnotized by her to notice she had stopped running until I crashed into her sending us both crashing to the floor. I was in complete shock we both lay there staring at each other.

A sly smile appeared on her face “Now Charoum if you wanted to be close to me all you had to do was ask”

“Why ask for what I already have” I smirked as a mixture of emotions played across her face confusion, shock and then a playful one.

“Oh really “she ran hands down my chest and used all her strength to push me off. She brushed down her clothes and looked over her shoulder.

“Sorry didn’t your mummy teach you don’t touch what you can’t afford” She laughed “Come we better get back home”


"SHOT GUN FOR SHOWER" She hollerd as we entered apartment. I sighed,
"You always get to go in first, stupid wolf chick" I mumbeled the last part. While she took a shower I dug out her case file I was given oh so long ago. I snooped through it trying to find out if it held any information on the yellow eyes.

Right at the bak of the folder there was a piece of paper that looked like it had been taken out of a really old book

Beware the Yellow eyed ones,

they are deadly shaper shifters who work along side the goverment, they manipulate the good shaper shifters to go with them and then use them for their own selfish desires.

they shift into one form alone and that is a leaperd the are cunning and untrustworthy.

It is up to the cursed one to protect the fiery vixon not one else can do this task but him or the whole race of shifters and angels are in danger.

I was completly frozen in shock I thought I was Aaliyah by chance not because I was predicted to protect her from a force that is a danger to us both.

"Charoum, Can I speak to you pleeasseee" Her voice was sickly sweet so I knew I had better do what I was told, I quickly hid her file.

I opended my bedroom door to find her standing out side it with just a towel round her. In her hand she was holding my white shirt with the drink stains on Galaxy I believe poured down me.

"where did these stains come from, I dont think we have any of these alcoholic drink in" I was completly frozen.

"Oh that I was at a work function to celebrate the end of the school, my those teachers do now how to pary hard and the head of Music she couldnt keep her hands off me" I smirked as I heard Aaliyah growl.

"Prove it" She barked, lukily for thats thats where I was meant to be going so I went into my room and took the invite from out of my suit jackets pocked.

"Happy now vixen" I suppressed a lough when she tossed her hair over her shoulder and stormed out of the room.


As I entered the living room and sat at my piano and decided I would let out some frustration out by playing the a meolody on the piano, as I began to come to a close, to slim arms wrapped them selves round my neck and helped them selves to sitting on my knee.

"Anneal" Amelia cooed "I miss you playing the piano to me" she played small kisses along my neck.

"Amelia I never have played the piano for now please detangle yourself from me"

"But smell of wet dog Im trying to remove the smell, beside if you be nice I'll bring your brat of sister to visit you"

A growl made her jump and tighten her hold on me, then I realised it wasnt me who growled it the Aaliyah.

"Yeah its better than him smelling of burnt plastic you fake barbie doll, what kind of girl tries to black male him with his little sister. Your nothing but trash" She growed through her teeth. her eys were shing and and she was shaking with anger!

Amelia jumped off me  and hissed at her "Seems like your Dog Anneal how Rabbies"

Aaliyah growled "Out side NOW" Amelia hissed and jumped out the window. Aaliyah did the same but transfored in mid-jumped and gracfully landed. I watched as the both skilly fully battled eachother. It looked my like a viscous dance than a fight. But Aaliyah had the upper hand. I was araid of what her father would do so I jumped in between them as Aaliyah  bladed sliced my back and Aalyahs shard and deadly teeth inplanted them selfs in my shoulder.

I groaned as the both pulled away in shock, "Oh my -I gotto go" With that Amelia took off"

Aalyah came over and whined and licked my face "Nice Bite you go there" I tried to chiucked but it turned into a cough. before I knew everything turned into nothing.



The End

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