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The figure was leaning casually against black painted bricks, dressed in a black suite with a deep purple tie, he looked in his mid-twenties at a guess, dark blonde hair and waiting for my answer. I just stood there my senses unable to pick anything off him.

"I...heard a job was going...Tiff?" I took a breath trying to look calm and not fiddle with my hair. "I'm sorry, guess I had it wrong." I shrugged wanting to turn back round and walk away. But I couldn't stop staring his golden eyes they seemed to captive me. "I'll just go." I took a step back and then the hairs on the back of my neck rose hearing his silky voice.

"Burn your shirt Miss Kitsune you won't be needing it anymore."  

"What do you mean?" I asked gobsmacked.

"Breeze will show you the ropes; give you something to wear tonight." He replied looking me up and down.   


"No Mr for you and hurry your tail up Breeze is waiting." I nodded and walked into the door that he held open.

It was a good size and on two levels, the top layer saying it was for V.I.P's only and some big black man in a black suit was already standing there. There was someone on the DJ standing messing with the lights and another person checking the speakers. I walked over to the bar which was long, wooden and had a blue light under it.

"Bit early aren't you?" A voice said, looking over the bar I notice a girl with black shoulder length hair crouched putting bottles in the fridge.

"No I came about the job, the guy outside said to come in that someone called Breeze is waiting." The girl stood up facing me and showing her leaf green eyes.  

"I'm Roxy, Breeze will come soon, and she has this nack of turning up outta thin air and welcome to Shadows." Holding her hand out and smiled when I shook it.

"Roxy the doors open in 30mins, go and make sure V.I.P is ready also that Galaxy knows what she's doing. That girl better not screw this up tonight." I half jumped myself seeing the golden curly hair woman with hazel eyes standing there. Her buttoned blue shirt and black pencil skirt showed her body off in all the right areas. "Miss Kitsune, I am Breeze follow me please."

A little later I was facing a long mirror gasping at my reflection. The girl stood there was wearing a new black dress, flower netted design and halfway down her arms, round necked and came just above her knee. Breeze had even given her some ankle black boots and everything was new and designer.

"That suites you Aaliyah, now I must show you what to do...but I'm sure your pick it up as you along...just flow the other girls." She winked and walked out of the staff room. I followed and something struck me as odd about this place and its staff. I couldn't pick a vibe from the place, only that it was strange and hidden almost. But that wasn't all...I didn't tell that guy name yet he knew it and how did he know that Breeze would be waiting? Breeze herself was a strange person, I didn't sense her at all when she approached us and again I didn't tell her my name.

"Stop it." I whispered annoyed at myself at reading far too much into it. The guy was probably the one that owned this place so Tiff might have mentioned him to me. And Breeze could of bumped into the guy and that's how she knew. I sighed licking my lips as I walked behind the bar thinking that everything was okay.

 But if everything was okay...why did I feel uneasy seeing golden eyes staring at me.


Hours later the club was jammed with bodies. Roxy, me and two other girls Nicki and Holly where pouring drinks, taking money and casual flirting with some of the men. I picked up the bar work surprisingly fast and Nicki was showing me how to do some of the cocktails.

"Hey, foxy another round and one for yourself." I smiled back at the youngish guy grabbing three beers for him and his mates. "Not having one?"

"Not here I'm not." I replied taking his money.

"How about one at mine?" He winked cheeky at me taking his beer and walked away.

The music was loud and I felt the urge to dance with it. "How you doing Aaliyah?" Roxy asked standing next to me having her drink of water.

"I'm okay. Is Galaxy on her own up there?" I pointed to the V.I.P area, seeing her struggling collecting glasses.

"Holly just gone up there to take drinks...but mostly she's on her own. It's different up there..." Her face changed for a moment eyes gazed.

"Roxy? I asked puzzled.

"What...oh sorry no nothing for you to worry about. Just..." She trailed off turning round trying to look busy.

I was about to ask when I heard Breeze's sharp voice snap. "You stupide girl don't you know who that was?" Roxy turned back round to face me then moved her head to the side. I frowned then saw where she was pointing to...

Poor Galaxy was trembling and was wide eye looking up to Breeze. Breeze towered over the small girl, glaring down at Galaxy.

"I...I didn't me me mean it, I tripped oooo over somettttthing." Galaxy stuttered.

"No excuse. Come with me Galaxy. Samuel will not be impressed." As Breeze said this a slight smile played in the corners of her mouth.

"Please...I'm sorry and I did apologize to the man, he said that it didn't matter, that it was his fault...I"

"Galaxy, now haven't we already talked about this before, your clumsiness and now look what happened to that poor man white t-shirt. That green cocktail has left a ugly green stain." Breeze voice was lower almost as if she was talking to a small child. "And the sharp pieces of glass, you fell and cut yourself didn't you Galaxy."

What was she talking about? Galaxy didn't have any marks on her arms; her black dress was sleeveless showing nothing. They both left presuming going to Samuel office and I was betting anything that he had golden eyes.


I took heel boots off and carefully unlocked the door. The light came from the moon that socket through the windows. I needed a shower. Quietly I tip-toed to the bathroom and turned the shower on. The water felt good against my skin...but still didn't clear my head.

After finishing in the bathroom I put my purple dressing gown on and went into the kitchen searching for food.

"Midnight snack?"

"Shhhh...sugar."  I jumped the cookie jar fell from my hands and would of gone everywhere if it wasn't for Charoum fast reflexives. "What are you doing sneaky up on me."

"What are you doing sneaky in at 2:00 in the morning? Tip-toing around the apartment? Where have you been?" Charoum held the jar out to me, his eyes trailing my face looking deeply in my eyes.

"Me and Kizzie are doing extra hours and I'm helping her out with filling in uni apps." I said smoothly taking the jar.

He studied me carefully. "Okay...fine...Are you too tired for a run?"



The End

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