angels from hellMature


With all that had been going on I hadn’t had the chance to any of the ‘work’ I was meant to do as a teacher. I Groaned and ran my fingers through my damp hair. Course work! no wonder human got depressed. I rushed through marking, just as I was almost finished with the marking Angels decided to drop by.

“Jacob you are no fun I tell you! I wanted to see my sweet boy by my-self!” I recognised that annoying voice anywhere Amelia.

“Yeah well your father doesn’t trust you with him any way besides were here on official business” Jacob grumbled. I walked into the living from my study and leaned on the door frame.

“And here I thought you were missing me” I smirked and winked at Amelia who squealed and through her arms around me.

“Anneal! I have missed you, how are the humans treating you if there mean I will make sure they live painful lives. What about the Fox chick? Does she bite if she does I will put her down hear me filthy mutt!” She grumbled.

I sighed and put my hand over her mouth to silence her talk and looked at Jacob.

“ I have come to warn you the yellow eyes ones are after you little charge it seems her friend has been tricked Kizzie, she has been given a job at a bar and well there planning on getting her there”

I glared at him a growled I stalked towards him “And why in God’s name would I trust you, you’re like the rest scared and want me gone”

He smirked “well you tainted is learning I’m giving you a tip off to so I can watch you fail” his perfect facade faltering.

I drenched him in water and smirked “Sorry I’m allergic to plastic angels and my powers go all out of sync like this” used wind to blow him out of the door with Amelia running after him.

“Leaving so soon bye now please don’t come again” I chucked and decided it was time to get ready and visit a night club.

I decided to wear a black shirt open with a white t-shirt underneath with black jeans I looked I would fit in wearing this and I put a fedora black on hoping my little fiery vixen would not recognise me. I hid two daggers in my boots. No-one would harm Aaliyah I would not fail.

The End

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