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The pain and the anger was slowly fading away. Tiny stars twinkled in the moonlit night sky, as I lay on the rooftop of the apartments, still in my newly ripped purple dress hair a ruffled mess.

"Happy birthday Aaliyah." I whispered to myself, feeling my eyes lids close.

"Happy birthday fiery vixen, sleep well." His voice said in my head before sleep took me.      


"Come on let's play, mummy!" I shouted running out into the garden and driving head first into the snow, giggling as the snow tickles my tiny nose.

"Honey, it's too cold come inside." Mummy called from the doorway.

I rolled over onto my back wavy my arms and legs in the air. "So I don't care if I become a snowflake, it be pretty cool."

"Cool being the word Ali...fine 5 more minutes then I'm coming to get you." Mummy called.

"Don't forget the hot chocolate!" I shout. I jump up brushing the snow off my big coat and walk around the garden making footprints with my wellies. I wander over to the tree running my fingers over the snow covered bark, then looking down seeing small animal markings.

"Wow." I kneel down tracing the paw prints with my finger, noticing then how my gold bracelet seems to heat up my wrist. The shuffle from the brush make my jade green eyes scan the snow covered leaves. "Shh hey it's okay little ones, I won't hurt you."

"They know that."

I gasp hearing the voice but seeing no one to claim the deep voice. Then instead of saying the usual line of ‘who's there?' I surprise myself by saying, "I know that the foxes won't harm me."

"Others out for the yellow wake up." Came a different voice


"Watch out...watc-

"Aaliyah, hey wake up already your late for work." Groggily I open my eyes seeing Charoum towering over me. "Your bed not good enough for you anymore?"

"What you chatting on about?" I leant back hitting the cream carpet. "Oh...erm just how did I get here?"

"Depends on where you mean?" He smirked raising an eyebrow still looking down at me.

"Ugh whatever I'm still annoyed at you." I mutter standing up, noticing how I'm my silk white nightie, how the hell?

"Kizzie called said she wanted you in work." Charoum informed me walking backwards out my door.

"What did you do last night?!"

"What would you say if, I ran into the pretty burette and well dot dot dot." He used his index finger in the air making the ‘...'  

"I'm not jealous." I shrug walking over to my wardrobe finding something to wear.

"Of Natasha or me?" I look over to where he's leaning against my wall, staring straight at me. "Or both."

"I..." Gasping wondering why my hands yearn to undone his shirt buttons and push him on to my bed. "I'm not jealous of you, didn't know you went for easy prey." My voice firm determined to erase those thoughts.

"Sure about that?" Charoum says in my head enjoying this way too much. My hand grabs a  skirt and my work button shirt all back. When I turn back Charoum already gone.


I was board standing over the counter when my pocket vibrated (namely my phone), sneaky I take it out of my pocket and hide it while I try to read the text from Megan;

‘Tiff job going begging if you can

Get in of course...doubt that will be a

Problem for you.

But...I can't see Mr Angelino

Letting you out, without knowing

What you're doing.

 "That better not be a phone Miss Cross." My boss's voice looms over me.

"Nope, precise the thought." I say sweetly tucking my phone back in its pocket. I smile thinking of the job offer, bar work at the ‘shadows' the most exclusive club in town.

On my break I call Megan and get more details about the job liking the sound of it even more. Then soon as my shift finishes I re-do my make-up, brush my foxy red hair and head off to my new job. As I walk I try and get a sense on Charoum, were he might be and who his with. I get a small glimmer but it's weak, seems like he is with someone but not human. I reach the bar gasping when I see two yellow eyes staring straight at me.

"You came about the job?"    

The End

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