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was getting anxious for Aaliyah return I hoped I hadnt upset her, but what shocked me why did I care if I upset her. I mean shes just some girl. I felt a hand run across my back as young lady decided to use my lap as I seat.

"Well aint you handsome" She tossed her brunette her over one of her shoulders, she was young around late teens. A sleek red dress hugged her curves" Say been here before" she drawled out the words.

"Well whats the name of the stunning masterpiece I see before me? No I haven't been here before; I would have remembered your beautiful face." I made sure my voice so smooth.

"Natasha, and believe me I would defiantly remember you..." I watched she didnt attempt the fact she was raking her eyes over my bo

"Charoum and that dress fit you like a glove, red really is you colour." I touched the  straps to her red gown. The matieral was silky and smooth, mere humans would say the finest material. But when you have been brought up in paradise this is nothing.

"Why thank you, so hard to find the right colour to match and that suit of yours." I smiled showing me her glistening her white teeth, a normal man would have missed a heart beat but I did my best to sneeer at her feeble attempts. So instead I winked

She leaned down I could feel he breathe on my ear "My mother was right why would a Man like you waist your time and girl like her" I couldnt help but laugh she moved her face so she was inches away from me. I sensed Aaliyah run passed I went to stand up but she pushed me back.

"Awwww looks like the little bratt got jealous" I hissed and glared at her. SHE pouted and rah her fingers through my hair. "Its ok sweet pee I know and she knows that I am far more suitable person for you" She cooed

With that I stood she fell off my lap I catched when she was inches off the floor I whispered into her ear "Im sorry my mother taught me not to play with Bitches, you never know what you might catch" I grabbed Aaliyah present off the table and went and paid for the bill.

I looked out side for Aaliyah looking down the street I could sense her bit with the wild emotions inside her I couldnt pin point her.

"Aaliyah where are you?" I heard shuffling at she appeared from an alley, she wondered to the car ignoring my presence"What have I told you about wondering off?"

I got into car she nodded to the driver, I sighed and ran my hand through my hair,

"Look Ailyah is wasnt what it seemed that girl was the daughter of head of music, she was a waste of space, I didnt kiss infact I made her fall onter her backside. She insulted you and I well lost it at her. Im sorry, I really am" But didnt say anything to me

"Well?" I impatiently asked.

"Whatever it was I wasn't listening." She snapped not even looking at me. I glared at her then notice her cut hands.I picked her hand up and held it gently . I looked down to her hand to see is was bruised and cuts on the knuckles, I picked up her other hand notice is was the same.

"What did you do to your hand?" She turned to me and snatched her hands away she looked at me in the most innocent way possiable.

"I thought I saw your face, only to be dissappointed when it turned out to be a brick wass" Which that she turned back to the window seeming outsude was a lot more intersting than me.

I chuckled "I see someone got jealous" spunn arouns and pinned me to the other side of the care and growled in my face,

"Jealous of that slut, she can have you. But I dont appricate it some one throwing them selfs at you when it was my Birthday"

"yeah yeah sure but done mind if you get off me you might have fleas" I smirked

The End

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