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"What are you looking for now?" Charoum barked seeing that I had stopped.

Where is it? I thought sniffing around the brushes and boulders for my bag.

"Where's what?" Charoum voice came in my head. "Aaliyah."

"My bag...I brought my shoulder bag with know so I had something I put my clothes in, didn't want to to..." I slammed a wall shut finding it hard to block him out, in annoys I starched one of the trees and a snarl ran up my throat. "It's gone! It was right here!" I was getting all worked up which wasn't good.

"Aaliyah, finish you sentence." Charoum voice had change slightly and I could sense him coming closer to me. "Aaliyah calm down." I turned so I wasn't facing him feeling tense and annoyed. Then something warm touched my back, near my tail, my lower back and was stroking my soft fur. The pressure was also in my back legs. I let out an uncontrollable moan feeling the goodness from the touch of Charoum...Charoum?

I whipped my head round facing him. "What did you just do?"

"Nothing." He shrugged like it was nothing and picked up the conversation from earlier. "So where did you put you bag?"


I was sitting on the piano just staring out the window playing with my fox bracelet when I felt Charoum presents near me. I didn't bother turning to face him and I knew that he couldn't read my mind that clearly in my human form.

"We're going to be late you know." He said catching my attention. "And I know how long you take getting ready, so go on and you can thank me later for your gift."

"What?" I gasped out feeling totally caught off guard by his behaviour.

"Go and get ready." He simply said wondering off to his room, it was only then that I noticed that his black hair was wet and stretched my senses out and picked up on his clean cut aftershave. What was going on?

Confused I stood up and looked round the apartment trying to find a clue but found nothing. A gold printed paper plane came whirling at me all of a sudden; I caught it and opened it.

                            ‘The golden eagle hotel'

                            ‘Table for two at 7:15

                            Mr Angelino & Miss Kitsune'

O'my god. "Now unless you want to miss the table, you better hurry up." Charoum called from his doorway.

I ran into the bathroom and started the shower but took my time washing my hair. After the shower I chucked my silky dressing gown on and walked to my room. I was sitting at my dressing table blow drying my hair when I noticed something on my bed. Turning round I stood up and walked to the edge of my bed and touched the silky material that formed into a dress. It was deep purple like my bed covers, with two straps on the right shoulder and a purple flower on the left breast.

"Charoum." I whispered picking up the dress carefully as if it would disappear. Under the dress there was black netting making the dress float out more, it was beautiful. A knock at the door made me jump.

"Are you anywhere near ready yet, the car going to be here soon?" Charoum voice said through the closed door.

"C'coming. Coming. Car?" I was confused again I quickly put the dress on and ran the brush through my foxy colour hair. Then grabbing my strappy heels and spraying my perform I opened the door.

Charoum was playing a soft and gentle note on the piano when I walked into the living room. He stopped and stood up. We both just stared at each other. Charoum was wearing a black tie suite that fitted nicely showing his body off, the scent coming off him was intoxicating and when he smiled it took my breath away. His dark reddish tint eyes seemed to be analysing me to, instead of fiddling with my hair I positioned my body more towards him and looked him directly in the eye.

"Aali"- He was cut off by his mobile ringing making us both snap back into the real world. "Cars here." I nodded taking my bag I walked out of the apartment and Charoum closed the door as we left.


"Ok fine I'll say it." I couldn't stand it any longer and I knew that he wouldn't be expecting it. "Thank you for this."

Charoum looked up from his empty plate and narrowed his eyes. "Sorry what was that?"

I sighed fidgeting with my bracelet again on the table. "I'm sorry for this morning. I didn't mean any of it, I didn't mean to run off and not tell you. It's just." I took a deep breath. "I'm not used to people worrying about me. And I know that it's your job to look out for me. And I can't help how I am Charoum, it's well...I guess it's in my nature."

I sighed closing my eyes, and then something wrapped themselves in my fingers stopping me from messing. Looking down I saw Charoum fingers in mine and I could feel a velvet box.

"This is for you Aaliyah. Happy 18th birthday." He let go of my hands and I gave him a questionable look before opening the blue velvet box. "Sliver wouldn't match your bracelet, but that's not reason for me getting it in gold. Sliver can harm you, if it is injected into you then it can slow you down and I didn't want anyone seeing a noticeable weak spot on you."

The necklace was gold like he said a delicate thin chain with a tiny lock on it. The pendant was shaped like a teardrop and a tiny diamond was at the bottom.

"I can't accept this, it's too much Charoum." I closed the lid and stood and went to the restroom. My jade green eyes were bright and smoky from my eye shadow. I couldn't read. "What's wrong with me?" The small window was open and letting in a warm breeze. Inhaling I caught a scent of something strange. Had I smelt it before? Then it was gone. Strange.

Walking back into the restaurant, I could see that Charoum wasn't waiting anxiously for my return as a tall brunette woman had her arm around his shoulders. Huh typical. Why did I care? Why did I want to lung at the woman slam her to the ground and rip her perfect brunette hair out? As I made my way closer to the table I heard there conversation.

"No I haven't been here before; I would have remembered your beautiful face." Charoum vocie was silky and sicken at the same time.

"Natasha, and believe me I would defiantly remember you..."

"Charoum and that dress fit you like a glove, red really is you colour." Charoum touched the straps to her red gown like dress.

"Why thank you, so hard to find the right colour to match and that suit of yours." She smiled and Charoum winked, the woman bent down to his ear and whispered something in his ear. Making him laugh. They were inches from touching each other lips and any minute now he would lock lips with her.

I turned and walked out of the restaurant needing some air all of a sudden. I don't care what he does, or who he's with but to do it right in front of me. I hit the brick in anger.

"We meet again." A deep voice said behind me slowly I turned to the voice and stopped.

"You." I gasped remembering that night when he and his friends attacked me in the park. Charoum had come to the reuse and took care of me. Well not tonight he's not. I was still feeling angry and this guy was only making me worst. "Come back finished what you started?"

"Maybe sweetheart, your friend about?" He asked looking around quickly then watching me closely.

"I can take care of myself." My tone deadly and I edged closer to him smiling slightly.

"O'yer think you can hand-

I cut him off with my fist coming sharp and fast in his mouth. He straggled back touching his bleeding lip. He came at me but I was quicker and hit him again, the third time his caught my fist but this didn't stop me. I kicked him in the ribs and starched his face with my long sharp nails. He was lying on his back I hit him again with my foot, hoping he was feeling the pain that I felt before.

Leaning against the brick wall I fell down my head in my hands and breathing deeply. The man was unconscious crouched on his side, his chest moving lightly.

"Aaliyah where are you?" Charoum voice made me jump; I stood up and walked out of the ally heading towards the car door. "What have I told you about wondering off?"

I slid into the car closing the door and nodded to the driver making him set off from the restaurant.

"Well?" He asked impatiently.

"Whatever it was I wasn't listening." I snapped back and turned away from him looking out into the night.





The End

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