What am I to you ?Mature


The light was streaming through the window over, today was her birthday, her 18 the day I should have told her everything. For her accept it to be submissive and listen to what I say. Doesnt she understand that her life is now in danger. But I didnt understand why I held her so close to me last night. Why I let my-self cry like I did.

But her connection was weak in human, it was odd because I recall us sharing this link but stronger in her wolf form. Is it that the Wolf form is strnger than her human? or is more natural to her.

I opened my eyes to din she wasnt there, I jumped out of bed I searched the apartment for her only to find a cold mug Coffe. I growled I went and got dressed in casual cloths green shirt and Jeans.

I dived out of the window and spread my wings I could smell her unusual scent in the air, I followed it until I could sense her mind of course she was in th woods like always.

I saw her crouching at top of a cliff ready to dive into the lake below, if I wasnt so frustrated and annoyed at her I would have admired the view surrounding us."Most normal people have breakfast first thing. But not her. She has reckless." I sighed with relife that she was safe.

I watched as she leaped off the cliff into the water, it took sometimes for her to come back up, shaking her head and breathing in deeply.

I sprang flying through the air and driving down into the deep water. I took a while to come back up for air and when I did it felt unnecessary. Strange. Rolling my eyes I turned to where Charoum was standing at the bank, his arms folded across his chest-that was now covered in a green shirt. It looked strange seeing him in a green shirt, didn't look right, but his low rise blue jeans did look great.

I saw her turn and gawk at me for a while I could sense the effect I had on her and it amused me,"Finished with your swimming lesson yet?" I chuckled slightly.

"Depends if you come in or not and I get to dunk you". She smiled to her-self.

"Only if you're in human form, make it fairer."I smirked. She looked around then back at me growling. "O' she only now works it out, yes Aaliyah I figured it out this morning. When you're in your human form, your connection to me is weaker then it is in your ‘fox' form." I hissed

"WHY!" She shouted in her head.

"I don't know. Maybe because your in full form or natural form and when your human form maybe it's not as strong because your not used to using it maybe. So have you finished?" I thought back to her.

"This is wacked! You can invade my thoughts, this is is-" She rambleld on

"Aaliyah! Stop this now!" I shouted. "Get out of the water."

"Who's rattled your cage?" She said as swam to the bank.

"I'll put you in a cage if you carry on like this." I hissed at her my face set serious. I trusted her, I told her so much last night. She didnt care about her own safety left alone mine or my sisters.

"Y-you wouldn't do that....no I don't believe you!" She shouted, I could feel the fear radiating off her, her tail also nervously twiching behind her. I knew I hit a roar nerve. Of course I did she has Kitsune instincts now to be free not locked up.

"Wouldn't I? I am the ‘bad angle' Aaliyah or have you forgotten that detail hum? There's a basement under the apartments, no one would hear you."I stepped towareds glaring right into her eys she stood still "If you keep pulling stuns like this again, then I might change my mind about giving you your freedom."

"I don't understand."

"You don't even know your doing it. God. This job could be easier. You could make it easier for me, but no you go and not even think of me" I could feel my eyes gleaming with anger, she didnt know did she? that I worry about her everytime she left the aparament who would be after this time. The fact I keep tabs on her all time just to make sure she is safe. But why would she care? I mean Im just a angel whos fighting to not be Fallen. No Im nobody I am nothing to hear. But why does that feel like a wound to me?


The End

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