Morning gone wrongMature


"Aaliyah, sweetie be careful." My mother told me setting up the picnic blanket.

"Okay dokay." I called back to her as I ran over to the trees, my fiery wild red hair blowing in my face. Some of the branches were low and easy to grab as I lift my small feet of the ground. The autumn leaves covered me as climbed higher and higher.

"This is fun, I can see everythi-

Suddenly my foot slips on a pile of damp leaves and I fall backwards fearing for my life. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out, everything blurs together and look to the sky hoping and wishing for someone to help me.

"Shh you okay. You're safe now. Everything going to be okay." The voice was close and deep in my ear. My eyes slowly opened fearing the worse of what they might see. "Little girl can you hear-

"I'm not little! I'm the taller then all the girls in my class and some of the boys. Your just older then me, so that makes you bigger." I glared into his reddish eyes that should of scared me but didn't. "Put me down."

The boy watched me as he placed me on the ground, at the time I didn't really care or even think about how he caught me in the air. "Who are you?" The boy didn't answer me, just looked at me with his shinny red eyes.  "I asked you a question."

"I know." He simply said shrugging crossing his arms and leaning back against the tree trunk. I looked more closely at the boy, something didn't look right. There was a dark shadow behind him forming some sort of a shape.

"Fine. Play it that way, shadowy guy." I turned to walk away when I felt something tug on my clothing, I looked down to see the little girl she was with eyes pooled with tears. "Please don't be mean to Big Brother, people are always nasty to him, but I love him lots"...


I was in that blissful sate of being asleep and being awake. My dream seemed more like a memory. In fact I was certain. 9 years no wait...10years. My eyes snapped open, today was my 18th birthday and I was a shape shifter. Charoum had said that most shape shifters turn around there 18th birthday.

Charoum why did something click in my head about him? I turned over and gasped. Charoum was lying next to me, his head turned towards me but thankfully still asleep. Looking down I noticed that I was still in last night clothes, but Charoum however was topless! I could just see the tops of his shoulders under the quilt.

Carefully as I not to disturb him I climbed out of bed gently putting the quilt cover back over the bed. Charoum rolled over to where I laid, taking a deep breath in the pillow and I saw his eyebrows scrunch up almost like he was missing something and then he murmured something in his sleep. It sounded like a name but I couldn't be sure.

After leaving Charoum a note on the kitchen side, next to his coffee mug I grabbed my shoulder bag and left the apartment. The early summer morning sun heat was making me sweat already as I walked towards the forest. It leaked through canopy of green leaves. I came across some stone boulders and looking round making sure it was safe to shift, I took my jean shorts off, white vest and my underwear. Quickly I shuffled everything into the shoulder bag and centred myself and changed into my fox form.

I picked up my bag using my teeth and hid it in some brushes in between the boulders. My long legs carried me through the forest, my eyes overlooked everything and my tail swished freely. Sometimes I felt like a little kid again or a club. A little club who didn't have to worry, who just ran for the fun of it and jumped in small streams.

A lake came into view, as I looked to my left I saw some rocks that. An idea popped into my head, I made my way over to the rock and I started to climb. Jumping and stretching to reach each rock I finally made it to the top. The view was beautiful, crystal clear water, lushes green trees and the sun high in the cloudless sky. I got ready to spring arching my back when I heard his voice;

"Most normal people have breakfast first thing. But not her. She has reckless."

I sprang flying through the air and driving down into the deep water. I took a while to come back up for air and when I did it felt unnecessary. Strange. Rolling my eyes I turned to where Charoum was standing at the bank, his arms folded across his chest-that was now covered in a green shirt. It looked strange seeing him in a green shirt, didn't look right, but his low rise blue jeans did look great.

I shuck my head, what was I thinking? Gazing up at him something unusual   went around my body, like that warm tingly feeling that you get sometimes and I could feel my tail swish nervously.

"Finished with your swimming lesson yet?" Even from here I could see his eyebrow rise that went along with the amusement in his voice.

Depends if you come in or not and I get to dunk you. I smiled thinking to myself.

"Only if you're in human form, make it fairer." A smirk ran across his mouth. Wait how did he? I looked round then back at Charoum growling. "O' she only now works it out, yes Aaliyah I figured it out this morning. When you're in your human form, your connection to me is weaker then it is in your ‘fox' form."

"WHY!" I shouted in my head.

"I don't know. Maybe because your in full form or natural form and when your human form maybe it's not as strong because your not used to using it maybe." Charoum thought back. "So have you finished?"

"This is wacked! You can invade my thoughts, this is is-

"Aaliyah! Stop this now!" Charoum shouted. "Get out of the water."

"Who's rattled your cage?" I wondered to myself as I swam to the bank.

"I'll put you in a cage if you carry on like this." His tone taking on a deadly tone to match his hard looking face, I padded out the water feeling shocked at his words.

The thought of Charoum locking me in my room and making sure the window was securely shut made me have goose bubs. But the thought of a cage, no that was doing something else to me. Bars thick cold bars. Small. In human form the though scared me. In fox form it terrified me.

"Y-you wouldn't do I don't believe you!" I kept the fear from my voice, but my tail was swishing that much with nevus, some of Charoum black feathers blow with it.

"Wouldn't I? I am the ‘bad angle' Aaliyah or have you forgotten that detail hum? There's a basement under the apartments, no one would hear you." He stepped towards me and I felt frozen. "If you keep pulling stuns like this again, then I might change my mind about giving you your freedom."

"I don't understand."

"You don't even know your doing it. God. This job could be easier. You could make it easier for me, but no you go and not even think of me" His eyes took on that bright red shine making me feel small and worried of him. He turned to walk away; turning back glared at me and motioned me to come to him. A small whimper escaped my lips as I hung my head down and walked slowly next to him in the forest.         











The End

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