Confusion of the heartMature


It felt like a life time had past as we both sat on the floor Aaliyah still secure in my arms as the tears fell softly. After years keeping theses unheard feelings at bay  was able to let go. But why now ? Is becaouse if this simple girl. Simple I smiled to my-self she was more than simple she was fiery, rebellious, strong willed an sarcastic. But she was also loyal caring and understanding.

Her words echoed in my head "And because I'm lucky to have you." But what did she mean by this lucky to have me to protect her or lucky that I am here. More importantly How did I feel for her ? I was protective of her, worried and I knew without a doubt that I would give my life to make sure she was safe. But I am supposed to feel this way. M heart skip a beath when she smiled, laughed. She looked so beautiful when she danced. I shook my head trying to sort through these strange emotions.

Her Breathing grew me more even as she fell deeper in her slumber. She looked so innocent curled on my lap like so I smiled warmly down at her. She was still as lonely as when I first met her all those years ago.

I picked her up easily in my arms and made sure I placed her down softly on her bed and tucked her in. As I turned to leave I felt something tug at the bottome of my shirt. I turned around to see a wide eyed Aaliyah peering up at me. I had to hold back a life.

"Where you going" she yawned "Please stay I feel much safer" She blushed but kept hold of my shirt. I chuckled sweeping her up in my arms.

"Well you can stay with me but I prefur my own bed" She nodded making her self more comfy in my arms resting her head on my shoulder. I yet again tucked her in my bed before I went and changed in my bathroom in a pait of pants to sleep in.

As I lay in bed Aaliyah moved closer to me her body seemed to fit perfectly next to me like a missing piece in a puzzle. It seemed so natural to be this close to it felt. After a while I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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