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"That is all you ever do Aaliyah, you run from you problems and never face up to them, stupid Fox PRIDE" Charoum shouted.

I went over to the window still holding the photo in my hand, looking at the photo again and sighing. I touched the family in the picture especially the little girl. I couldn't believe it.

The night came into my room coving me with darkness; I was leaning against the wall, looking at nothing. Except I was looking at something in my head and it kept replying.

I heard the soft knocking on my door my head snapped up and I saw Charoum standing at my door. It was too dark for me to see his face as he came closer; he stood in front of me and was holding something out towards me. Blinking my eyes that felt wet with tears I made out the shape of a bowl. I took the bowl noticing an oblong shape coved in something white. Huh?

Feeling brave I took the spoon and put whatever the oblong was on the spoon. I sniffed it first still trying to wonder was the sweet cold smell was. Then the taste exploded in my dry mouth and ran down my score throat. Ice cream and chocolate cake. Yum.

I looked up meeting Charoum scarlet eyes, I gave him a questionable look and he smiled that warm smile that he rarely shows. "What's this, an apology?" I asked repeating his words from earlier, his smile grow showing his teeth as he chucked and I giggled to.

He came and sat down next to me on the floor leaning against the wall. Then he produce his own bowl and took a bite.

"Well?" I prompted.

He swallowed and looking into my eyes he said. "Happy Birthday Aaliyah."

I was annoyed that he didn't answer my question and then I was shocked at him. "What, how did you know?"

"It was in your paper work, also when your coming up for your 18 birthday that's when your shape shifter genes kick in." He informed me. I wanted to change to subject now I didn't want this lecture now.

"Tell me about the photo Aaliyah, why did you react like that?" He asked and my body went stiff looking at the photo again. Looking at the family, the little girl and then the boy with the black hair.

I heard Charoum take in a breath then letting out. It's you isn't it, you're the little girl with the wild red hair aren't you and that's your family?" His voice was soft and gentle in the metal link between us. I nodded unable to find my own voice.

"Do youuu... remem...ber that d...ay?" My link wasn't as strong when I thought to him.

"Yes." He said out loud noticing that it was hard for me to use the link back to him.

"What do you remember about that day Charoum?" My voice was barley above a whisper, but he heard me like always.

He gave me a cocky bad boy smile which made my heart flutter and our eyes locked. "I sunk Rosslyn out so she could come and play in the autumn leaves. She was 3 at the time and everything was soo new to her, hearing her laugh as she dance in the leaves, seeing her smile as I held her tiny hands and whiled round with her." His smile changed and he looked lost in thought.

"Can remember anything else that happened that day?" Pulling him back to reality.

"Well my parents really didn't like what happened, putting my little sister at risk and I flipped at them. But I didn't care what they said; people said that me and my sister were cursed and we were out casted among the other angels. I didn't really mind or care so much as I got older, but when Rosslyn was born my parents rejected her too. It's not fair on her." He closed his eyes and clenched his fist holding in his anger.

I could feel the tension in his body, when he opened his eyes again they seemed to shine and his jaw was clenched as he spoke. "I was just a kid, she just a kid and they don't care. They keep her locked away most of the time ashamed to even call her there daughter. She was nearly begging me today ‘Charoum I don't want to back there'. It broke my heart when Elm left with her, I wanted to fly and wrap my arms around her and hide her in my wings."

He closed his eyes again. I listened to him, they way he talked about his sister the love that they shared between each other. Brother and sister. I had never seen him like this and it shocked me to see him soo defected, heart broken and vulnerable.

Slowly I placed the bowl on the floor. I heisted touching his hand that was trembling. "Hey." Taking his hand I moved so I was crouching in front of him, I took his other hand and squeezed it lightly. "Charoum look at me." I said in a soft voice.

His scarlet eyes had clamed down but I could see him holding the tears back. "She going to be okay."

"How do you know that? I don't even know if there treating her right, in fact I know and Elm only brought her here so he could get to me. That's the only reason I went. He knows me too well." He looked down and saw me holding his hand. At first I thought he was going to snatch it away, but instead he licked his fingers through mine.

"Do you trust me Charoum?" I suddenly asked.

I waited for him to answer looking into his eyes. "Yes." He finally answered.

I smiled feeling a warm glow around my body, the words came to me as I spoke. "Then do you trust me when I say that your sister Rosslyn going to be okay?"

"I trust you but, how can you be sure?"

I smiled. "Because she has a big brother like you, who will do anything for his little sister and who loves her as much as she loves him. You're going to help her Charoum and then you two can live without anyone judging you. And because she lucky to have you."

I stood up but was suddenly pulled back down. Feeling tired I let Charoum pull me into his lap and wrap his arms around me. He rested his cheek on my head and I felt a tear run from his eye.

"And because I'm lucky to have you." I wasn't sure if I whispered that or though it in my head. Either way I wasn't sure if he heard me, closing my eyes I nestled in his chest, breathing in his scent of his soft shirt, which instantly made me feel safe in his arms.   











The End

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