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As I lay on my bed wondering would act in such an inappropriate manner, I sighed sitting up running my hands threw my hair. Things were getting Complicated making my job harder Much harder. My Phone rang making I groan in frustration there would only be one group people who would call at such a stupid hour. The council of Angels. I got up and picked up the phone. “Hello Charoum this is Elm Speaking” “Hey Woody what's up?” I grinned know he would not impressed “My name is Elm Charoum, jut informing you I will be stopping to see you today” “ I cant I have lots of work to be doing like the fact you didn't tell she one she was a shape shifter and two she didn't know it” “Arhh yes that matter well we thought we should let you find out for your-self it could have been useful to you. Besides your sister has been missing you” I cursed underneath my breathe He knew how to get me to do what he wanted. “Fine ill be there and Rosalyn better be there” I slammed the phone down. I quickly put on a shirt and jumped out of the window. Aaliyah had not come back all night even thought I was mad I couldn't help worry about her. Now she more than ever she is in more dangerous to the public and to her-self. She could attack people in self defence not realising they are innocent people. Or get her self caught by the government. I tried to use our mental link but it wasn't working. I panicked I tried to listen out for her but nothing. “Stupid Wolf Pride” I muttered under my breathe I started to think back to when I had first met the fiery vixen. I decided to search the woods when I picked up her scent. I swooped down hearing glowing. relief rushed through me as I realised she was safe and unharmed"Aaliyah what are you doing out here? You been sleeping haven't you? My voice giving away my emotions. But she ignored me. "Aaliyah answer me." I used the connection trying to get her to react. "So stubborn aren't you?" She did nothing apart from swish her tail in annoyance. . "Silent treatment? Is that how it's going to be between us, make a change" rolling my eyes and sighed, this was amusing waiting for her reaction I could feel my wings twitch in anticipation. "Are you going to stay out here all night? The sun going to come up in half an hour, people won't except to see a fox. Well not your size fox." I grinned knowing I was getting to her know . "Come on Aaliyah, come back to the apartment. I even kiss you." I said through the connection, she growled and snapped her teeth. I chuckled. "No games just come back."I turned away from her knowing she wont come back yet I realised she hadn't got any clothes. I unbuttoned the shirt. "O'you might be needing this." I slipped it off my shoulder leaving it to fall to the floor. With that I walked away. Eventually she came home, wearing my shirt I must admit she did look stunning in my shirts but it make me ponder why she liked wearing them so much. For the rest of the morning we stayed out of each others say. I decided I would take my frustration out on my piano until it was time to meet Woody and Rosalyn. I stormed out of the house in a hurry I jumped on my bike and away I was speeding down the road. I truly missed her with all my heart. I hated the fact I had to leave her there. As I pulled into the park I saw her straight away she was sat on the wall her Pale blue dress neat, her her almost whit hair curled around her child like face. Her red eye shone as she bit her bottom lip trying to find me. As her eye met mine. Her whole face lit up, she jumped down and run to me. Her hair and dress wads flowing around her as she ran. I knelled and swooped her up in my arms clung close to me. I sighed smelling in her scent of Flowers and fresh honey. “Brig brother I missed you so much” She whimpered into my shoulder, I shushed and rocked her in my arms. Stroking her hair. Woody walked over looking all smug with his plot. “Charoum what a pleasure to see you well” He smiled of course all fake they all want me to fail so I don't go back. I glared at him. “What do you want” I growl threw clenched teeth making my eyes glow slightly, he shifted on each foot. “On behalf of the council I came to check how you were coping with you erm Charge” “Aaliyah is safe and out of harms way, she has not attacked anyone and well people have attacked but I made sure they go what te deserved” I smirked he looked shocked. “Brilliant to her Charoum I hope you do no get to attached to this Aaliyah sheds a little like you isn't she ? An outcast a fiery temper ? Like to bend the rules hmm ?” “Big brother is a good Man Elm don't be mean to him” Rosslyn Chimed looking upset I chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Its ok Little Rose come on lets go play” I put her down and took her hand she giggle. “Charoum we have much to discuss” Woody said fimly I glared at him “I am done here you shall stay and wait for Roslyn” With that I walked to the park with my little Rose skipping happily besides me. It was nice to able to push her on a swing, catch her at the bottom of the slide but saying good bye is always the hard part of seeing someone you love. “Charoum I don't want to back there” Rosslyn whined gripping on my shirt and crying into my shoulder” It was truly heart breaking for I too did not want to let her go back. “ I know little rose but you can visit when ever you want, next time I will get you a pretty red rose ok ?” she nodded and finally let go of me. She went into the little bag she had and gave me a photograph, It was of me and her I was about 15 and she about 3 We were at this Park in autumn. I had sneaked her so she could play in the leaves. But in there corner of the Photograph there was a family of four. And the little girl with wild red hair was looking at the younger me in the photograph. “Brother I want you to keep this so you have a photo of us being together. I cuddled her close and watch them leave. On the way back all I could think about was the feeling of holding Rosslyn laughing as I pushed her on the swing or as she rolled around on the floor as I tickled her. When I got back I slammed the day and took off my leather coat. I went to the Kitchen shocked to see Aaliyah cook as the a rich aroma of Spaghetti filled the Kitchen. As she turned around I quickly ran out of the room she didn't see me Aaliyah walked into the Study, I put pen down. I smirked "What's this, an apology?" Pointing to the bowl of hot spaghetti and glass. She placed them on my desk and went to the door and turned around. "No." She left the room and came back with her own dinner and drink. she sat opposite resting her legs across the arm of the chair. "No, this is dinner." I was able to laugh at her attempt of covering her tracks wich made her smile in return. “So what's been up with you today” I sighed of course she wouldn't beat around the bush, so I thought I would use it to my advantage. “Ok make a deal with me here” Ok she nodded “You tell me why you like wearing my shirts Ill tell you what's up” with this she blushed and looked away, she shifted in her sight. “Well erm there really soft and comfortable, and well they smell of you so I feel safe” the last past she whispered hoping I wouldn't hear. I stared at her in shock. “But I thought you hate me” I blurted out she threw her fork at me but I ducked and it stuck in the wall. “Well you have you good and bad points Aneal” She smirked crossing her arms. “So what's up” this was my turn to shift in my seat “Well I had to meet up with Woody, well his name is Elm but is much more fun to call him Woody” This awarded me a laugh out of her “She is an Elder in the council and he came to check on me, they knew I would go if my little sister Rosslyn was there” I Gave her the Photograph. “This is here when she was 4 and I was 15” She smiled at the photograph “Awww she's so cute Wait a minute I remember this girl and Boy oh no it cant be you” She jumped up from her seat and ran into her bedroom slamming the door. "That is all you ever do Aaliyah you run from you problem and never face up to them stupid Fox PRIDE" I shouted after her. I sank in to my seat realising I had been set up by the council GREAT.

The End

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