Going home with my tail between my legsMature


He was right I didn't want him kissing her. I knew what she was like; she would see it as a great achievement, souring him on how good he was. The fact that I wanted to kiss him, well he was wrong about that. So why did you flush? My mind said I hated it when it did that. But why did I care and why did I like it when he pushed me against the wall?

Also the way his breath was against my ear, his scent over powered me like it normally does when he close to me and why was I thinking about these things? He was my guardian angel for god sake. He said that he didn't care if he was a fallen angel, did he mean it?

No I hated him and that's all there is to it.

I was soo frustrated and angry I need to release it somehow. It was the middle of the night and the street was quiet. He didn't care about me anymore. "Fine I will do what I want Charoum!" I opened the window and jumped out into the night, changing mid air again and landing on all fours then swiftly running into the trees.

It felt good being in my fox form I felt wild and free. No one could control me not even Charoum. I moved quietly through the forest jumping over fallen trees. My tail swished every now and again, I was getting used to it now, and I stopped finding myself on a grassy hill.

A tree was close by I made my way over to it. I stood up on my back legs resting the front paws on the tree trunk, sniffing the branches. I had to giggle to myself thinking how weird this was, but in many ways it just seemed right. I came down looking around the area, looking out for danger. There was nothing.

All the drink from the party didn't seem to be affecting me; I didn't feel dizzy or sick. I sat wrapping my tail around my legs, looking at the night sky. I often wondered why I did this. Did I except to find some answers, looking for something that or someone? I felt as though there was another world out there other the heaven and all that. But something another place another world.

I sighed knowing how stupid, how can there be such a place, how would one get there? When you go to the airport was there a special terminal? "Gate 123 Fantasy land now calling". I shock my head in spit of myself sighing I curled up nesting my head into my body and wrapping my tail around me. My nose twitched my fur tickled, my ears still moved around listening for anything approaching. Nothing did and my eyes lids fell, shutting the night out.

A little while later my ears picked up on something, my nose tried to pick out the scent. My eyes flashed open darting around, I moved into a crouched position ready to spring at a moment notice. I backed up to the tree suspending the urge to snarl at whoever was coming. Then I heard the flapping of wings and Charoum suddenly appeared.

I watched with deeper jade green eyes as he came down. I couldn't read his expression as he approached. Thought he didn't care about me. My tail switched and I crunched even fewer a small quite snarl came from my lips. I was still mad at him.

"Aaliyah what are you doing out here? You been sleeping haven't you? That's why I couldn't reach you." His voice was a mixture of anger annoyed and concern? I didn't answer him even though I could speck in this form without the connection.

"Aaliyah answer me." He was using the connection now seeing if the link would get me talking. "So stubborn aren't you?"

I wanted to growl but that would give him a response, instead I dug my craws in the dirt. If I was in my human form then I would be touching my hair, but like this all I did was moved my tail around.

"Silent treatment? Is that how it's going to be between us, make a change" Rolling his eyes and sighing. God I wanted to pounce on him, starch that smug grin off his perfect face. His black wings moved like my tail, was getting annoyed with him now. He however seemed to be amused by all of this, just waiting for me to react. "Are you going to stay out here all night? The sun going to come up in half an hour, people won't except to see a fox. Well not your size fox."

That irritated me. He smiled knowing what he was doing. "Come on Aaliyah, come back to the apartment. I even kiss you." His voice was in my head this time I did growl and snap my teeth at him.

"No games just come back." He told me turning his back on me, then stopping. "O'you might be needing this." Suddenly his grey buttoned up shirt, which he had being wearing was lying in front of me and then he was gone.

The shirt was still there when the sun came up. I hated that he knew that I needed him. But another part of me was thinking how he must care for me, he did look worried when he saw me then relived, there was something else to but I couldn't work it out.

Losing the argument with myself I took the shirt in my mouth and went more into the trees, then changing back into a human, which was still a little trickery then becoming a fox. Once in my human form I began buttoning his shirt, noticing how it smelt of him. I walked back to the apartment, as I made it to the door I noticed how I was playing with my hair. Was I nervous? I sighed opening the door. I went straight to my room not looking to see if Charoum was here or not.

Later that day.

He stopped playing the piano and then the front door slammed shut. The still stomping he took bike out and zoomed off down the street. Charoum had being playing most of the day; something seemed different about it today.

When I passed him playing the piano I noticed how frustrated he looked, the way that he was playing. I grabbed something to eat and drink and took it back it to my room. I had to admit but I hated being cooped up in my room all day. So I was sat in my window when he suddenly went storming off.

Annoyed and fed up I grabbed my bag and went out myself. I ended up walking around the town surprisingly I didn't bump into anyone. But my body quivered every now and again when I was walking along the street. I went into the supermarket it; it was busy with it being the first day of the summer holidays. O'god I thought. That's come fast I wasn't even keeping track of the dates nor the days.

It was my birthday tomorrow. 18 years. I never was a big person for birthdays; I never really had good birthdays in my years. This year won't be any different I thought. I know that Charoum had done the shopping yesterday but I wanted to buy something nice for dinner.

I realised then that I was acting more like an 8 year old then an 18 year old. Must be the side affects of being a shape shifter that had to be it, what was it that he called me last night? Fiery vixen? Just thinking about it sent an unexpected chill down my spin.

It like my body responded to him with my mind really knowing what was going on. Because what was going on? Nothing, we hated each other. Didn't we?

The food was ready just as Charoum slammed the door shut again. The spaghetti filled the kitchen with a rich wonderful smell. I could feel Charoum eyes on me when my back was to him. When I turned to face him he was gone. Fine I'll go to you, just like you want.

I took a bowl and a glass of orange into his study, not knocking his door or anything. He looked up from whatever he was doing on the piece of paper in front of him. His face was amused and fairly stunned, putting the pen back in it pot he said.

"What's this, an apology?" Pointing to the bowl of hot spaghetti and glass.

I placed them down on his desk and replied going out of the door. "No." I went and got my own bowl and glass of orange from the kitchen returning into his study. I sat opposite him resting my legs across the arm of the chair. "No, this is dinner." Then I heard that rare laugh and couldn't help but smile.              

The End

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