Guardian Not Wanted.Mature

Guardian Not Wanted- Anael is a fallen who has to protect Aaliyah. Aaliyah is a rebellious 17year old who doesn't know her true inheritance. He doesn't want to be her guardian and she certainly doesn't want him to be her guardian. How will they cope with each other? They really don't want each other, but these nothing they can do



The house was silent everyone was asleep, but me of course. One last spray of perfume, then I made my way over to my window, that I always had open. Clock read 11:30pm, the party was at 12:00 it wouldn't take me long to get there. I grabbed my bag and threw it out the window, then lifting myself up so now I was standing on the window ceil. I jumped down like a cat like so many other times before. I picked up my bag checking that the neighbours didn't see my ‘cat woman jump', from there bedroom windows.

I wanted take the car but it would attract unwanted questions. I didn't mind walking even in high heel sandals. I was feeling rather smug that I was able to jump from my window, wearing my black leather skirt. My phone buzzed in my bag, I quickly unzipped my bag and putting the phone to my ear.

"Ali, where the hell are you? Ben asking where you are." Jenny my mate shouted to me, through the noise at the house partly.

"I heard 12 was the best time to come; besides I had to get past M & D." I told her M & D standing for my parents.

"You on your way thought aren't ya?" Jenny asked.

"Like 20 15 minutes away, chill." I replied closing the conversations off.

I didn't walk any faster I was enjoying the early summer night, I wasn't really looking forward to the partly especially a house partly at all. But I need to get out, see my friends after being grounded all week. Even if I was breaking cure few and breaking out. All of this just added to the danger of getting caught, I didn't really care.

I could hear the music even before I could see the house; a mixture of everything was being bashed from that house. Lots of different lights were on, making it look more like a nightclub. As I got closer you could see the amount of drunken bodies that were already passed out on the lawn, the rest were in the house dancing to the music.

"Look these Ali." I heard first then. "Hey Ali you made it." Strangely I didn't need to look to know who was calling me.

"Hey Briony." I hugged Briony who was my best friend.

"Hiya Ali, so snuck out then?" She commented.

"You know me Briony, I never tell my hidden talents." We giggled.

"Is that new?" Briony asked looking at my white top which tied round my neck and showed my slim body off.

"No wait the question is, did you steal it or steal money from your M & D?" Ben came up behind me and kissing my cheek.

"Hey you and I give the money back when I get paid." I informed them taking Ben hand he pulled me away, Briony smiled at me and went to talk to Jenny, who then smiled at me. I struck my tongue at them and turned my attention back to Ben. Instead of taking me into the house, he walked us to the back yard and headed to the back of the garden. I could smell the pine coming off the trees, hear the birds in there nests. Suddenly, I could see the making out of a shed.

I didn't say anything as we got closer to the shed, even as Ben opened the door. The shed was small and only had one window that was showing the night sky, with a half moon in the sky.

"Well you can't be showing me that you're a werewolf." I joked.

"What?" He laughed.

"Well it's only a half moon, full moon when everything mythical happens; all the mythical creatures come to life."

I could faintly hear Ben speak under his breath. "God whatever Ali." This seemed to irritate me for some reason, I let it pass though, feeling thankful that I wasn't in that house with the loud music. Although I could still faintly hear it.

"So erm why here?" I asked then Ben wrapped his arm around me, which I copied because I felt as if I had to.

"This." He said simply kissing my lips.



The End

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