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William's being followed. By who and why, he doesn't know. But he does have a feeling it has something to do with the new girl. It's suspicious enough that a popular girl talks to a geek like him, but even stranger is the fact she always covers her arms and wears gloves, even in the middle of summer. What is she hiding? William's not sure he wants to find out. He's got enough demons in his life as it is.

Alas, the first day of another year at high school, a.k.a, Hell. You've probably heard this many times. What kid doesn't think of their high school as Hell? The teachers, the humilitaion, the learning; it's all too much for a poor kid, especially the geeks. We put up with so much, and for what? So we can go to a good University, get an 'acceptable' job, and lead a normal yet boring life? What's the point? It's not like we're doing anything good for the world. So what's the point of coming to Hell if we accomplish nothing? Because society tells us to, of course. Society tells me to get my butt out of bed every morning at seven o'clock and go to that dreaded place to fill my head with useless facts that I'm not gonna remember. I get creeped out and nervous every day because some guy in a suit wants to torture me. Think I'm being a little overdramatic? When I said high school was Hell, I meant that quite literally. Only Hell would have demons walking the halls.

 I don't know how else to describe them. I've never been the religious type, but if I were, I would have set a hundred priests on that school to purge it of evil. The creatures there aren't fairies, and they're certainly not angels. My history teacher has ram horns on her head and hooves for feet. My gym teacher doesn't have any legs. He walks around on these weird, flipper-like things. Then there's the head cheerleader, super gorgeous Reana, who generally looks completely human; until she smiles, exposing long yellow fangs.Oh, and can't forget the school bully. I used to think he was human. That assumption ended as soon as I saw a forked, purple tongue snake out of his mouth.

 Speaking of which, I am about to get pumelled by Mr. Forked-Tongue himself and his 'crew'. I'd been preparing for this all summer. I'm a junior now, and I'm not taking his crap anymore, no matter how scared of him I may be. It's time for me to man up. Mom always says to say what you want to say, or don't say it at all. Well, I'm tired of being a timid little mouse. Today, I am gonna speak my mind and he is going to damn well listen (I hope).

 "Look what we have here boys," says Forky in his hissy voice, "The freak decided show his face again. It seems he still needs to learn a lesson."

 Who're you calling a freak, Snake-Boy? I want to say, but it would've been a stupid move. For some reason I can't fathom, everyone in the school thinks the lean, strong, green-eyed bully is perfectly normal. No one but me and the other demons seem to notice any oddities about him. In fact, none of the humans notice anything off about any of the demons. They believe that these things are their classmates and teachers. Which, they are, but by the way Reana looks at some of the meetier humans like it's dinner time, it's safe to say that they are not normal classmates or teachers you want to find alone in a dark alley.

 The main reason I don't say what I want is much more important then because of what the rest of the school sees. Ever since I started high school in freshman year, I've been careful to not let the demons know that I am aware of their existence. I don't know how powerful they are, but I'm not willing to find out. One wrong move and I could be demon chow. Not a pleasent thought. So I go on day by day, pretending I'm just as ignorant as the rest of the student body.

 "Listen, I don't want to start a fight." Total bullshit. If it wasn't Forky the demon, I would've tackled him to the ground and knocked his lights out. "We're another year older, and more reponsible. I think we should settle this the mature way and talk it out like men."

 Forky stares at me with his unnerving green eyes, and furrows his brow in concetration. It seems he's actually considoring it. Or he could be deciding how best to kick my butt from here to Saturn. Choosing to be an optomist, I hope for the former.

 "Hmm. Talk it out, huh? Not a bad idea," he mutters. His cronies are in shock. So am I. This is turning out better than I expected.

 'B-But Lucifer, you've been beatin' on this punk for years! Now you're just gonna talk it out?" says Josh, his second in command. Oh, did I mention Forky's real name is Lucifer? Go figure.

 "True," he says, nodding.

 "And he dumped that stuff on you during the science lab!" another, Brady, adds.

 "Also true," he says. He's still got that thoughtful expression on his face, but his mouth is slowly curving into smirk. I gulp. Uh-oh.

 "Don't forget the time he called you spineless!" Josh shouts.

 The effect is instantaneous. Gone is the thoughtful expression, replaced with a look of pure loathing. To the others, they think he reacts this way because I called him a coward. However, I think this has nothing to do with me calling him a chicken, and more to do with snakes mostly consisting of extra long spines. One could say I insulted his heritage.

 "You. Are. Dead." he hisses. I see that dreaded purple tongue slither out between his lips as his eyes narrow to slits. The crowd watches and laughs. Apparently, it's funny that the geek is gonna get his ass kicked. Too bad none of them realize that Forky is intent on more than beating me to pulp. He aims to kill.

The End

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