Luna - Huh???

I find myself figgeting in class. And strangely...... looking at a boy. Somethings wrong with him I know it. "Luna" I jump at my name and turn to smile at Eric.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Who are you staring at?" His eyes flick to the boy at the front.

"No one.... I'm just thinking" I say rubbing my eyes. I am thinking. Thinking about the book sitting in my messenger bag. Of what it contains.

Wondering what that picture meant. It meant something about a female angel falling in love with a mortal. But...... I don't get it. What is she giving? Her love? Her soul?....... Her immortality?

No, it can't be that it would show her casting it away. Then that means....... she's giving them immortality.

"Oh gosh" I whisper looking down at the table.

"What is it?" I look at Eric. I put a hand to his cheek smiling then lightly kiss him quickly.

"Nothing" I whisper. "Everything is fine there's nothing wrong" He nods then looks away and I feel slightly bad for lying.

There is something wrong. If thats an angel giving her love immortality then that means we can pull the people away from their familys just to keep them.

Would they want that? Its not like it would be best to give up the duty we have.

The End

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