Jasper was acting very strangely when I managed to crawl out of bed and to school the next morning.  He knew something was wrong but didn't dare ask what it was.  Luckily the others took my mind off my relationship worries with the discovery of more information.

'So we're all meant to have some sort of item that holds our power.'  I thought out loud.

'I guess so only we only know three of them.  We need to find out what the other two are.'  Reza's point highlighted how little we knew about what we were meant to be doing here.

'I'm not worried about the objects.  All the information we have found talks about five angels.  Unless you haven't noticed there are only four of us, so where is number five?'  I asked the others.

'Well I suppose they will be close,' Vesna said.  'They could be at this school, we might even be looking at them right now.'  We all simaltaniously looked around to see if we could see the fifth and final angel.

'This is hopeless,' Luna observed.

'Geez, keep optimistic guys,' I quipped.

The End

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