Reza - I can do what?

"What is it?" I ask. Vesna pulls a sheet of paper from her pocket and hands it to me.

The Summer Angel has the power to control and create both Fire and Air.

The Angel could, if she or he so wished, make herself or himself invisible to all, and control air on an atmospheric level, just as he or she could also remove the effects of fire on any given object. Air and Fire are a powerful combination but if not used properly, could be highly dangerous to the Angel, not to mention those around her or him.

"Look at this bit," she says, pointing to a bit at the bottom.

The First set of Angel's were all male. They didn't understand why but as they lost there immortality they discovered from there hearts thar Women hold the key to love.

Angels are immortal. They cannot age. However none of the first Angels still live. Each one fell in love, and sacrificed their immortality to stay with their lover.

"Oh. My. God." I said.

Angel Objects

Of the known Angelic Objects, there is the book you are holding, most generally belonging to the Starlight Angel. The key which opens it will also open any door or lock, the Spring Angel. The sword, about which little is known, save that it will only work for its Angel and will cut through anything. This belongs to Summer.

"What about the ones for Winter and Autumn?" I asked, thinking of Rox.

"Um. I didn't write that bit down. Ask Luna, it's her book."

"I don't think I want a sword that can cut through anything."

"Looks like you've got it anyway."

The End

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