Vesna - Next Morning

I wake with a start. That felt so real...

I look at my watch to find that it's half seven in the morning.

"Luna, wake up" I gently nudge Luna and she wakes up. "It's half seven. We'e going to be late"

"Oh!" she jumps up "Hey, you look a little worried" she notes.

"Yeah, bad dream"

"What about?" she asks as we go downstairs.

"I dreamt that Mike was dying... and that it was my fault" I sigh.

"Don't worry, he'll still be here when we get to school. It was just a dream, remember?" she comforts me. I nod, but am not entirely convinced. That dream had felt too real for my liking.


"Mike!" I slam into him and kiss him as we get to school. He kisses me back and hugs me.

"Hey Vess. What's wrong?"

"Nothing..." I say even though I know he wont believe me, and will bug me until he gets it out of me.

"Told you" Luna sends.

Yeah I think back as the bell goes.

"You two were almost late for school today" Eric points out as he kisses Luna. "What happened?"

"Overslept" Luna mumbles as she leans against him. We walk into school. Mike's not in the same form as me so he kisses me before going into his form room.

"So it's Mike then?" Reza says,  who happened to have just turned up with Rox at that point.

"Yeah" I smile, then change the subject. "Hey listen. We've got something bad to tell you about what we read in the book last night"

The End

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