Luna - Mind Wipe

I look at my mum. She's passed out on the sofa the bottle fallen on the floor. I then decide I'm not going back.

I walk to kneel next to her and put my hand on her head. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and consentrate.

I touch the thought of dad's death and gasp. So cold..... So sad. I gulp then put through light..... exceptance that he has gone. Then something happens that I don't suspect.

I feel a ghostly warm present. "She's right Lilliana.... Time to let me go" I look back to see my fathers ghost. I feel my mother struggling.

He looks at me and nods. "This is one of the tasks you will have to deal with in the future" he whispers, slowly he puts a hand to my cheek. "I love you Luna..... I love you Lillian"

He looks to my mother for that last part and slowly my mum lets me turn her thoughts to exceptance of loss.... even with the sadness.

I pull back my hand looking at her face then stand up spinning round to see the fading mist of my fathers ghost form.

"I love you Dad" I whisper. A tear trails down my cheek. I wipe it away then quickly run out of the room and back upstairs.

Once in my room I see Vesna's worried expression. She looks up at me. "Luna.... read this"

I walk over and take the book from her sitting down to let it rest in my lap. I scan the words then gasp. "No.... it.... it can't be like this" I whisper scared.

I flip the page and gasp. "Vesna listen"

"The First set of Angel's were all male. They didn't understand why but as they lost there immortality they discovered from there hearts thar Women hold the key to love"

"Is that it?" Vesna asks.

"The rest has been..... painted over" I flip it round and show her the picture. A Female Angel offering a normal Male mortal..... what I think is her soul.

The End

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