Vesna - The Angel Book

She's going to wipe her mum's memory. I think that's a bit unfair, but I don't complain. Luna has her own feelings. Just because I wouldn't do it, it doesn't mean she can't. 

Oh crap. That probably sounded really loud in my thoughts. If there's one thing I've learnt since we got powers, it's that thoughts speak WAY louder than words. Crap.

"Yeah, that was pretty loud"


"It's fine. You have your feelings as well as I have mine. Hey, is there anything you want to look up?"

"Umm. Not sure. Go to the Spring Angel part"

"OK" she flipped the pages. "Here we are"

The Spring Angel has the power to manipulate Earth and Talk to Animals. 

Knew that.

The Angel could make the Earth crumble around her if she wished, just the same as any animal will do her bidding.

"Wow. Hey. why don't you go and wipe your mum's memory now. Here's the words. I'll look up history of Angels" I wrote down the words and handed them to her. She crept downstairs. I flipped to the last section of the book.

Angels are immortal. They cannot age. However none of the first Angels still live. Each one fell in love, and sacrificed their immortality to stay with their lover.

"Oh my" I whispered. 

The End

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