'OK then so what is it you're looking for?'  I watched as Reza flicked through the book.

'This bit.'  She stopped on one page and held it out for me to take.  'That bit at the bottom.  Read.'  I looked at the passage she was pointing at and began to read.  It was an expansion of what I knew about the purpose of angels.  As one of the five guardian angels, my role was to protect someone.  The book didn't say more than that.

'So who is it?  The person we're meant to be protecting?'  Reza shrugged her shoulders.

'I guess we'll have to wait and see.  But isn't it exciting?  Having a greater purpose in life?'  I wasn't sure if I agreed, life was already exciting enough for me without having to balance protecting someone on top of school.

'I really have to go to bed Reza.  I'm so tired and...'  I yawned lying down on my bed, still fully clothed.  My eyes felt very heavy, I could barely keep them open.  I felt a blanket being wrapped around me and the lights were turned out.

'I'll see you in the morning.'  There was a slight cold breeze and the sound of wings flapping as Reza climbed out my window but after that I was fast asleep.

The End

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