Luna - Reading the book

I slowly kiss Eric good bye. "Come on" Vesna moans after a while pulling me out of his arms and down towards my house.

Mike looks amused while Eric seems like a child whose just been told he can't have his favorite toy. Which is me! Hehe.

Crap, I'm going hyper with love. I shake my head as we reach the door and Vesna points towards it. "Sorry" I whisper pulling out my key.

"Yeah, I have a feeling you two should hold back a little till your alone otherwise I swear your first time's gonna be in public" Vesna says shaking her head as we step into the house. I wince at the thought and turn to look at her. "Okay maybe not that public, sorry"

"You should be" I say seriously. Then we both burst out laughing.

"Luna!" The voice is croaky.

"Upstairs" I hiss. Vesna nods then takes the stairs lightly and quickly. "I'm here mum"

She comes stumbling in the the foyer. "Did you just get home from school?" She burps and I notice the beer bottle in her hand. "Bit late aint it"

"No, Mum. I got back from the cinema. Me, Vesna, Eric and Mike went" I say simply. My stomach is realing with fear.

"Oh" she hiccups. "I'm getting another bottle"

She stumbles past me shoving me slightly. I watch her and once she enters the kitchen I'm up the stairs.

I barel into my room then slam the door shut behind me, locking it. "You okay?" Vesna asks jumping to her feet.

"I'm fine.... lets read the book" I say breathless. I pull the book out of the bag then dropping my bag next to my bed.

I sit down and Vesna joins me handing the key over. I unlock it and turn to the contents page. I scan down it my finger trailing across the words as I read them. "Found it" I turn to the page then read out loud.

"Memory Wipe. Starlight Angel has the gift of Telepathy which most of the Angel's ask for when watching their charge (The person in danger thats close to dying before their time). The reason being that he/she can enter the subjects mind and not only read the thoughts but also change, control and even wipe"

I look up at Vesna. "I'm going to use this on my mum" I say simply.

The End

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