Reza: Um... Yeah

"Um... Yeah, actually. There was. Hang on," I said. If anyone walked in they'd see my wings- folding them doesn't hide them. "Slepes Wings. You know that poetry book?" Hey, that didn't hurt so bad as before, I swear I thought.

"Yeah. What about it?" she said.

"Can I see it?"

"Okay," she said, getting up. I followed her.

"You can't come, my parents don't know you're here! People don't usually come through the window, you know."

"I know. Watch this," I said. I had figured out by now that I had power- the power to create and control both Fire and Air.

I manipulated the air so it hid me from sight, like invisibility. Even if you looked hard you'd only see a shimmer- like heat haze- and that was if you were an angel.

That was almost completely a guess though- no one had seen me when I was doing this, but I'd seen the heat haze on the wall whilst in front of a light.

"There. No one will know," I said, smugly. Rox raised an eyebrow and wandered to her mums room.

Her mum was sat on a double bed, her eyes locked onto the laptop screen which threw every crease and wrinkle on her face into sharp relief- and she was frowning in concentration.

"Hey, mum, can I borrow that poetry book?" asked Rox. Her mum looked up.

"Sure, it's over there. Where's your friend, Teresa Summers?" she said, waving vaguely in the direction of the bookcase. I winced at Teresa. No one seemed to understand why I preferred Reza, except obviously Rox, Adam and Vesna, Luna and their respective boyfriends (sometimes, anyway.) 

Rox grabbed the volume and went back to her room. I shimmered back into the visible spectrum and flicked through till I found the poem I was looking for. It wasn't a poem as such, but I wasn't bothered with the style. It was the explanation of the duty of the angels that I wanted.

The End

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