Luna - Cinema

I feel very uncomfortable the scars on my back are burning like hell and I can't settle down. Vesna's next to me and I think she can tell that I'm in pain or a least un comfortable.

 "Are you okay, Luna?" Her mind is tinged with worry.

I turn and look at her then shake my head. Everyone bursts out laughing and both of us realise we've missed a major part in the film.

"Why aren't you laughing?" Eric asks tighting his arm around me.

"I missed it" I say smiling up at him.

"Come her" He whispers. He pulls me round to sit me on his lap and I'm glad we're at the back. "I'm glad you wore this top I like it"

I understand why. It's a v-neck and its quite low. He trails his finger down my neck and along my collar bone before reaching up and tilting back my head to kiss me.

"Better Now?" Vesna's thoughts joke.

I smile against Eric's lips and he pulls backs to stroke my cheek. "Can I come round tonight?" he whispers. I know where he's taking this and I pull back suddenly.

"You can't me and Vesna are having a sleep over" I explain.

"We Are?" Vesna asks metally.

"Yes We Are. The book remember" I send back.

"Sorry, Eric. Planed it before we came" Vesna says smiling shyly. She's hugging Mike tightly.

"Don't hug him too much its clingy" I say giving her a tip.

Eric sighs in my ear. "Maybe on our aniversary then... not tommorow but the day after" he whispers kissing up my neck.

"Sure" I whisper back then kiss him before hopping out of his lap to sit in my own seat where I just lean up against him.

The End

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