Suzu: Running


I'm running,my heart in my mouth. "Get back here you freak!" I turn my head around, still running, and I can see the kids still chasing me. Oh god, why did I do it? Why did I used my abilities?

I climp onto a rail balcony, the gang on my tail. I start jumping, balcony to balcony. Shoot! I've run out of balconies! My eyes scan for a place to go next. I close my eyes and jump down, I can feel the wind whip around me as I fall to the hard floor.

I open my green eyes wide. Oh god, this is gonna hurt. I can imagine how much it'll hurt. I don't want to hurt anymore. Uh oh. I can feel one of my two abilities forming.

Instead of my feet slamming hard onto the concrete floor my feet land on something soft, like a bubble of air. It's my forcefield. I start legging it, knowing my house isn't far away. They won't come after me when I'mhome, no one every does.

I turn the corner and see me street. I smile as I sprint towards my house, the gang's yelling after me. "Get her!" Water comes to my eeyes as I push myself further.

Nearly there. C'mon, nearly there.

I climp up the tree in front of my house and slide through the open window. Once inside, I relax. I stickmy head out the window to see the gang all glaring up at me. "Next time, you won't get to your witch house in time! Next time we've got you you freak!" Shouts the leader upat me before turning and walking off, his gang following him close behind, eager to get away.

I shake my head and turn around. "You should use your powers Suzu." I jump at my grandmothers voice. I guiltily turn around to face my grandma, my face going even redder. She's standing with her boney, old, hands on her hips. I look tothe floor, my shoulder length blonde hair covering upmy face.

She comes closer tome and tucks my hair behind my ears. I look upand see her smiling, I couldn't helpbut smile back. "You have your mothers hair. Only she had bits of brunette and red in her hair. Just like yours." My grandmasays gently.

She puts a small arm around my shoulders. "C'mon Suzu, you need your sleep." I smile at my grandma. She'sthe last person left in my family and many call her a witch. But she's not. Yes she has all the books, yes she tells people she is but that'sto get them off her back. The truth is, we both know I'm different and now so will many others.

It'snot just forcefields I can create but explosions, but that's only when I'm angry. I sigh and kiss my grandma goodnight and retire to my bedroom. I'm soo tired, I just collapse on my bed and full straight to sleep.

The End

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