The movie finished and Jasper offered to drive me home.  It was getting dark outside and I didn't want to risk walking back alone so I accepted his offer.  It was warm in the car but I couldn't take my cardi off because Jasper would see the rips in my shirt.

He pulled up carefully outside my house.  I thought I saw something move by my window but shook my head.  I must have imagined it.

'So I'll see you tomorrow in school.'  He leaned over and kissed me.  The kiss lasted longer than he had originally intended and it only ended when I felt his hand sliding a little too far up my leg.  I pulled away.

'I really should go inside.  Mum'll be freaking out.'  I opened the car door and slipped out.  'See you later.'  I waved as he drove away.  Luckily Mum had fallen asleep on the sofa so I managed to creep upstairs without her noticing how late I was.

I softly closed my door and collapsed on the bed.  What was I going to do about Jasper?  There were so many things I needed to talk to him about, the angel thing only being one of them.  There was a tapping at my window.  At first I thought it was just a stray branch blowing in the wind, but as it persisted I went to see what it was.  I jumped out of my skin when I saw Reza's face hovering outside my window.

'Let me in it's freezing out here.'  I opened the window and she climbed in, her wings folding neatly onto her back.

'What the hell were you doing?  Someone could have seen you.'  I closed the window and pulled my curtains so no-one could look in.

'I don't care it was so much fun!  You have to try it.'  Her eyes were shining with excitement as she remembered flying through the air.

'I will but not here and not now.'  I sat crosslegged on my bed, pulling my shoes off.  'So was there something you wanted?'

The End

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