Reza: Black and Red

I decided to text Rox. I knew Jasper might get suspicious if I rang her again.

To: Rox

From: Re

Hey Rox wat colour r ur wings? Re x

I pressed send and got a reply within two minutes.

To: Re

From: Rox

Ther black urs r red rite?


From: Re

To: Rox

Ye they r. Cya

I wondered how I was supposed to get them back again. Hang on. If 'Slepes Wings' is to get them away, how about-

"Wakes Wings," I say. The pain is worse than 'sleeps wings' but I can see my red feathered wings. They're paler than before, more sunset than blood now. Nice. Now for the real test.

I go over to the window and open. Hopping lightly onto the outside sill, I almost fall off. The wind's strong, it blows my red hair everywhere. I narrow my currently silver eyes against it and spread my wings wide. Then I jump. I don't hit the ground, and my wings feel so natural it's like I've had them all my life. Flying is so fun! I fly to Rox's house and hover outside her bedroom window, waiting.

The End

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