Luna - How to get the wings gone

"Oh my gosh Vesna" I hiss in a quiet whisper. I pull her through the house quickly. My mum's in the living room probably out for the count.

"You have the book?" She gasps.

"Yeah but I want to show you something first" I say pulling her into my room the books resting on the desk. I close and lock the door behind us. I begin to pull off my jacket.

"What are you- Oh my word!!" She stares at the rips in the back of my shirt shocked. "Are those scars as well?"

"Yeah, Vesna mine aren't like either yours or Reza's" I say worried.

"Reza?" Vesna whispers.

"She and Roxanna are angels too" I whisper.

"Rox!" She hisses. Then my phone goes off..... twice.

"Crap. I have two calls one from Eric and one from Reza"

"Do Reza Eric will get over it" Vesna insists.

"Grab the book" I whisper. Then press answer on the touch screen of my phone.

"We have serious problems!" Reza shouts down the phone. "I'm not talking about my hairs gone flat or I broke a nail. I mean serious are wings are showing up and won't go down!"

"I'm working on it" I say. Vesna comes back over. I pull her over to the bed where we sit down. I pull my phone away from my ear and put it on speaker. "We're opening the book now"

I hold out my hand for the key and Vesna gives it me without hesitation. "Hurry, Its not only be but Rox as well. Jasper's waiting for her outside the bathroom"

"Really?" Vesna says shocked. "Oh, I'm also here by the way"

I pull open the book and dust flys out. Me and Vesna begin coughing and she gives a quite cute sneeze. I look back down at the book. I turn to the contents page then trace my finger down over the words.

"Got it" I turn the book to the write page then begin reading aloud.

"The four Season Angel's wings will show automatically without a time growth. Which is different for the Starlight Angel who will have to grow her wings and until then can only use them in dying need."

"Brilliant" I scoff.

"Keep reading" They both shout.

"Sorry" I whisper then continue. "For the Angel's to live among Mortal's there wings must be hidden leaving only pale scars on their back, this goes for all Guardian Angels. To cloak them they must speak the words 'Slepes Wings"

"Youch!" I yell feeling a pain on my back suddenly.

"Well at least we know it works?" Vesna says with a shy smile. "Tell Rox's we've got to go"

"We'll see you at lunch tommorow bring the book" Reza says.

Vesna presses disconnect then stands up looking back at her light pinky wings. "Slepes Wings" She says. "Ouch!" She yells it as her wings vanish leaving behind three feathers. "Now I understand why you yelled..... Aww crap. Can I borrow a shirt?"

"Sure, That book is amazing" I whisper. Then I pick it up close it and re-lock the hatch. "So no one can read it"

I pull out the key and hand it too Vesna. Then I put the book in my bag I'm taking for tonight.

"No one ever has the two together" We both nod in agreement as the doorbell goes.

The End

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