My phone started to vibrate in my pocket.  I hurriedly pulled it our before I got told off for having it on in the library.  The caller ID flashed Jasper's name at me.

'Oh God!'  I shoved the book at Reza.  I've got to go, I was meant to meet Jasper at the end of school.'  I looked at my watch.  'Oh s***, b*****, f***.'  I grabbed all my stuff and headed for the door swearing silently in my head now.  I pulled out my now silent mobile and pressed the speed dial for Jasper.

'Where are you?'  He sounded annoyed.

'I am so sorry.  I had to do some research for something and got carried away.  You are still waiting for me?'  I crossed my fingers, hoping he wouldn't be too mad at me.

'Yeah I'm still here.  I'll see you soon?'

'I'm nearly there.'  I hung up and ran the rest of the way.  I saw Jasper's hunched shoulders long before he saw me coming.  'I am soo sorry.'  I kissed him again and again, breaking away to apologise repeatedly.

'It's OK.'  He held me back so he could speak.  'It must have been important or you wouldn't have forgotten.  You still want to have our romantic night in?'

'Of course.'  I snuggled into his side as he put his arm around my shoulders and we walked towards his house.


A few hours later and we were cuddled up on the sofa watching some really bad rom-com.  I wasn't really focusing on the film, my mind was too full of other things.  Angels for one and the way Jasper was getting more and more full on when we got too carried away.  Earlier that afternoon when we were kissing on the sofa I had thought he was going to ask if we should have sex but my phone rang, interuppting us.

It had been my mother, calling to check where I was.  That interlude had killed the mood and we settled down to watch the film.  I sat up properly giving Jasper a proper kiss.

'I'm just going to the bathroom, I'll be back in a moment.'

'Do you want me to pause it for you?'  I motioned to the TV screen.

'It's OK, I'll catch up.'  I wandered over to the downstairs bathroom.  Yet again when I turned on the tap the water started to bend towards me but this time I took no notice.  I was more occupied with the massive black wings that had appeared out of my shoulders.

'Are you OK Rox?'  Jasper sounded worried.  I hadn't realised how long I had been.

'Fine.'  What was I going to do?  I couldn't go back in with two bloody great wings on my back!  'Umm hang on I just need to call someone.'  Luckily my mobile was still in my trouser pocket and I dialled Reza's number.  'Reza, we have an emergency.'

The End

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