Vesna - Wings

I lay on the grass in my garden, making the lilies grow. When the entire flowerbed is populated, I rest my chin on my hands and twirl the key. Something soft lands gently on my shoulders. I move to brush it away. But instead of my hair, as I thought it would be, my fingers encounter... 

I get up and rush over to the greenhouse. My reflection shows me what I should have expected. I have soft pink wings that rise a little way above my head. Made of small, fluffy feathers. They're not as big as Luna's, no way near. But they're cute. 

I go inside and get ready. Then I ring Luna.

"Luna? Are you there?"

"Hey, are you ready? The film's on in half an hour"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Hey, listen, do you know how to get rid of wings? I'm not sure I want to tell Mike yet."

"No, it probably says it in the book though..." she sighs

"Great! Luna, I'll be over in five. I have the key" I announce

"Really? Never! Vez, that's amazing! How?!" I can tell she's grinning

"I'll explain everything later, I'm coming now. Get the book, wait, d0 you have the book? Oh it doesn't matter. We'll get it somehow if you haven't" I say hurriedly, then hang up. "Bye Mum!" I call as I rush out of the house.

The End

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