'I guess it's time to hit the library then.'  I shrugged walking off with Reza in that direction.

'I don't know how we're going to do this Rox.   We can't exactly go up to the librarian and ask them to give us all the stuff they have on angels.'  I thought about it and agreed with Reza.  A more subtle approach was needed.

'OK let's put our stuff here,' I pointed to an empty desk in the library and put my bag on it.  'Now we can go and search the shelves for anything regarding angels.  If you find anything come and get me.'  I headed off towards the mythology section of the library and started, logically, at the A end of the bookshelf, working my way back towards the desk.

By the time I had reached the end I was staggering under the massive weight of the  pile of books in my arms.  Luckily I made it back to the desk before Reza so I had enough space to put the books down and start reading.

Most of them were useless, giving descriptions of angels and legends that were so unbelievable they must have been jokes.  Finally, when my pile of books was getting dangerously small I came across a small passage in one book that was fairly descriptive.  I ran towards Reza but went headlong into the librarian, who looked less than pleased.

'You don't run in the library.'  She scolded but I kept moving.

'Sorry, I won't do it again.'  Before she could stop me I was moving quickly down the aisle, towards Reza in the non-fiction section.

She sighed exhasperatedly when she saw me.  'This is hopeless Rox, I can't find anything.'

'Good thing I did.'  I opened the book to the page I had been reading and pointed at the passage I had found interesting.

It has been documented that there are a group of five angels that appeared far back in history but their legend still lives on.  Some call them the Guardian Angels.  No-one knows exactly what their purpose was but they always remained in a group of five.  Many believe them to be part of the seasons because of their names.  Summer, Autumn, Spring, Summer and Starlight.

Below this paragraph was the prophesy I had found in my mother's poetry book.  I pulled it out from my pocket and checked it against the text-book.  They were identical.  Below that was a sketch of an angel with large feathery wings flying through the sky.

'So if you and me are two of the angels,' Reza thought outloud.  'And Vesna and Luna are the third and fourth, then who's the fifth angel?'

The End

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